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Some of those links are broken. better fix them!


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    Which ones are you talking about.

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    OK after looking it looks like a lot are broken. We'll se if we can get someone on those.

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    Aaargh -that's what comes of trying to be prepared. OK, I'll fix 'em.

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    OK, I think that's fixed the links, I hope - I need to remember that I've got an extra links post below the first next time I need to add an entry. I've linked to this thread as the place to make comments and suggestions.

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    Thanks a lot for the DAZ Studio 4 Frequently Asked Questions. It is really helpful.
    However in the post of Richard Haseltine, Posted: 08 February 2012 03:25 PM
    the address to Adamr001 thread should be:

    Some older poses deform the Genesis™ figure
    by DAZ_Rand
    You can fix deformation of legacy poses by clicking on the deformed bodypart and then the
    little man icon at the top left of the universal manipulator then select “Restore Selected
    Item(s) Pose”

    Works like a charm

    Adamr001 has prepared a pose preset that will reset the hand and foot translations without
    changing the other settings on the hands and feet

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    Thanks, I've corrected the link and added a note that Genesis has now been updated so that the issue should be a thing of the past.

  • The links in the OP of the "DAZ Studio 4 Frequently Asked Questions" thread haven't worked for a long time (reference this post and the two posts following it). Just checked again and most of them get a "Page Not Found" error.

    Please either fix them or delete them.  :)

  • They must have been broken in the switch to this system, in-thread links did break. I will fix them at some point - but not today.

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