Product UPDATED: Ballerina Assembly Kit 1.3 (Genesis version only)

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Hi all,
just to let you know that Ballerina Assembly Kit set for Genesis has now been updated to v 1.3

If you already own the product, please reset the product download from your itemized order history under your DAZ account - and the new Installer for the Genesis version will be available for download.

*The Update is ONLY for the Genesis files, So if you only purchased it for the V4 or Laura versions, you do not need to update*.

Changes in Update
All three sets of shoes now use the Mesh Smoothing modifier in DS4 (and above) for a better auto fit with all the Genesis Shapes. The shoes will no longer distort badly as they did before on some of the other shapes.
The shoe sets still have custom morph targets for some Genesis shapes, these are for: Basic child, V3,V4,V5 and Hitomi,

Accessories either now use mesh smoothing - or have custom morph targets added to fully support the following genesis shapes: Basic Female, Basic Child, Aiko3, Aiko4, Hitomi, Reby Sky, Stephanie3, Stephanie 4, The Girl 4, Victoria 3, Victoria 4 & Victoria 5.

New Custom Morph targets added to customize Sole and Heel thickness. These don't turn them in to high heels or anything - it just makes them a bit chunkier.

Sets are now loaded together in pairs rather than separately for each foot - Reducing file size and clutter in the scene.

The Jewel & Buckle accessory has been separated, so that the Jewel set or buckles can now be loaded independently.

My apologies that mesh smoothing was not done when the product was first released. It was my first ever Genesis product, so had to muddle though somewhat at the time, I suppose this is a 'better late than never' attempt to improve things. :/

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