Getting ready to reformat computer, but would like to save content database...

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Hello. When somone has a moment, what file/file(s) do I need to back up to preserve my content database through a hard disk reformatting? Thank you very much.


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    For DS4 this thread: covers the bulk of it. If you run into any problems, please reply there so that a) I'll be sure to see them and b) others who have the same issue can find help more easily.


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    I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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    Thanks for your support. I was able to restore my content manager database following the reformat. Now, I am trying to move my Daz related content to another drive to lessen the burden on my main drive. However, I have hit a snag:

    I moved my content folder to another drive, and I have updated the paths via the "content directory manager." Everything looks good at this point. My content library still shows all of my content and the path information is correct when I select a file. Now, as expected, my content database now has exclamation points over everything. Per your instructions, I right-click, select database/edit database paths.

    In the field "change," I select "All files using this base path" and I select my new path from the list which happens to be F:/DAZ 3D/Studio3/content."

    I hit accept, and nothing happens. When I went in to try again, it had defaulted to a base path of "C:/ProgramData/DAZ #D/My DAZ Library.

    I am running Daz Is is possible that a necessary directory is set to "read only"? If so, does anyone know where it might be.


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