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I am wondering why exactly it is so hard to find any information on creating models for Daz studios, I love the software. Here it comes, the but, there is no useful information on creating clothing and hair models for use in DAZ. The few modeling tutorials that are out there leave a lot of holes in the theory. I have countless digital tutors tutorials, None of which have been helpful for making models for daz. Hair seems to be the biggest problems, the Real time Character hair tutorials I have found really do not jive with the software. It would be really nice if some of the vendors would create material on modeling things like that are for sale in the DAZ shop. I don't know if Dreamlight is the problem I have noticed that they do most of the tutorials and other learning materials. Which is great if you want to learn to create a 3D primitive and texture it like a tutorial on modeling a box is really helpful. There are some great models in the store when it comes to clothing and hair. And there are a lot of ideas that I have, and would love to be able to model. But I get started and it stops there because there is on good material showing a process that would actually work in DAZ. It is very frustrating, Fiber mesh has turned out about as horrible as can be, when you try and use it in DAZ. You can get a broad view of what can be done with a model by looking at topology and wireframes in other 3d programs like Zbrush or modo. Then I try and create my own and it all goes out the window trying to use Zbrush sculpted hair in DAZ is a nightmare, an unriggable nightmare. I try to use some of the models that I have as a guide and get lost in the madness that turns out from trying to make my ideas to come to life. I will give it to Littlefox the vendor that is most often posted on the runtimedna site, her tutorials are the best I have seen. there just aren't enough of them she is the only vendor that I have seen that shows some methods for modeling clothing and hair that work in Daz. the same can be said for Valea the hair tutorial she has is good just not long enough there are still some key concepts that are excluded. My point is that we need a real tutorial section on the forum that actually shows methods of creating clothing had hair that are helpful and go beyond modeling a box or a plane, and or some good modeling tutorials in the shop that are on more than just camera or lighting techniques. in my opinion Dreamlight's web address says it all basic the very basic 3d modeling if they are going to do box modeling at least make something out of the box don't just place a box in the scene and say there you go. like I said I love the software and would love to be able to make my own creations as well as do scene placement. thanks for reading my rant. here I go and try to figure out some of the big holes I would really like some tutorials that would help.

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    I was going to suggest the Littlefox tutorials. Perhaps if you explained how far you have got, and where you are running into issues, people will be able to offer suggestions.

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    I have a number of tutorials on my deviantart journal and my YouTube channel for different things.

    This lengthy series is on making clothes.

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    I'd love to do several tutorials on how I make what I make, including how to make clothing and hair (neither of which has been released in the store yet but will at some point).

    The problem is:

    I made a full video tutorial series on how to make props from scratch and then make them functional for both Studio and Poser. I did it about a year and a half ago. It only sold 30 copies on release day and that is reeeeally bad. In fact it was the lowest performing product I've ever done.

    Considering the sheer amount of time and explanation that has to go into these, I am not really that excited about taking the risk again. It wasn't worth the production cost.

    Sales dictate what full time PAs make. And you are completely right: The tutorials available are mostly just for brand new users but not for those wanting to be professional content creators. This is frustrating. I've been where you are. I completely get it. Unfortunately the demand for this content doesn't seem to indicate there is a big need to fill the gap.

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    thanks guys I will check the links and suggestions they are much appreciated.

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