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Many hair props have lots of adjustments and morphs. While contemplating the easiest way to create slightly varying looks for a given character's hair (different days, different scenes ... hair doesn't look perfectly the same all the time), it occurred to me to wonder if there's a utility that randomizes hair morphs and adjustments. I have Sim Tenero Randomizer which does exactly as expected for figures and apparently some props (haven't needed to test that) but it doesn't recognize hair.

It's not a big deal, but if someone happens to know of something, that could be a nice-to-have.


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  • cridgitcridgit Posts: 1,534

    Are you doing still renders or animations?

    For the latter I use Spring Dynamics to apply some motion to hair without requiring heavy Dforce strand based hair (heavy on simulation and rendering). But the hair needs a few bones for Spring Dynamics to simulate. Take note this would change the pose of the hair only, not shape morphs.

  • This is just for stills. I was pondering a couple of renders I had done with an unkempt character that has a fairly messy hair style and I started noticing it being messy in the same way every time. (Of course it would be, as I've created base characters, saved them as scene subsets and merge them into a new scene as needed, so the hair shows up exactly as it was originally created and saved.) I could twiddle with hair adjustments to get the hair a little differently messy from time to time - I just figured I'd ask in case that had ever come up before. 

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    I wouldn't have a clue, but that's a great idea.

    I'm sure there must be some clever script coder around here ...

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    Sim Tenero's Randomizer (original and version 2) will work on hair with morphs, but does not recognize the bones (some hair have both). You'll be limited to the available morphs, of course, but I tried it and it works. For those with bones, there are pose randomizers that might work, although some only work with the human figures. Spring Dynamics might work, if you set it up and pick a particular spot in the timeline. 

    ETA: Just noticed that the original Sim Tenero Randomizer will not work if the hair is parented to the figure, so unparent the hair, apply the Randomizer, then parent it back (it will still be fit to the figure). Sim Tenero Randomizer 2 works if the hair is parented to a figure.

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  • Thanks, NorthOf45, that does totally work. I did not think to try unparenting the hair when I tested.

    I remember there being at least one thread which discussed the features of Randomizer 2 vs the original - I should review it to see if there are any other benefits that might justify picking up Randomizer 2 next time it's on sale. 

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