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Revision 1 - I have changed the title of this thread to be about the site. I have been thinking that I might use it to give updates. Pose questions about the site improvements, requests for certain types of pages and such. So feel free to say your peace.

Revision 0 - Just a heads up on the freebie site. You can search, browse, view the items but if you find a mistake or dead link then please notify us in this thread. Our hosts put in a patch and proceeded to break a multple of sites. No one can edit. They are working on it. Will keep you posted.

Poser and Daz Free Resources (miraheze.org)

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  • I am just grateful it exists, am used to dead links, here in Freepository too, artists pass away or move on

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    I didn't even know it existed. Goes to show how much I pay attention to free stuff.

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    We try to work through the links. There are over 10,000 of them. We are not even close to making a dent in identifying what is out there. 30 years of making stuff tends to make mountains. We really appriciate the help we are given by the community. You should wander through and see what you think. It is a wiki and there are only a few rules as to the construct of the data. This Christmas season I am busy with other real life things but come January I will be back at it. My goal is to get 7500 images created of what we do have pages for. My first estimate is about 7 years of work to do them. I can usually get 1000 done in a year. Hope to see you roaming the halls.

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    We can now edit the wiki. Thank you for your patience. Have a Happy Holiday and Dress up for Christmas.

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    DollyGirl said:

    My first estimate is about 7 years of work to do them

    smiley With my present pace, that would take me about 700 years..... but then every little bit helps.....

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    You bet cha'. wink

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    I don't know if this is any help or it hinders your process, but if you click my banner link, my ShareCG gallery includes a bunch of stuff that might be considered props or architecture... even an aircar.

    Actually, I'll just put the link here: https://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=mcgyver  just in case the banner is broken.

    Most of the stuff is pretty old and I do intend to add more stuff soon, but I hope it's useful... no worries if you can't add it, it's not a good time or whatever.

    Just thought I'd put it out there.



    EDIT: Ooops, never mind... I just noticed the post about the 10,000 links (Sound like a good horror or suspense novel title, "DollyGirl And The 10,000 Links" though)... so yeah, ignore my post, you don't need more work.

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    McGyver said:




    EDIT: Ooops, never mind... I just noticed the post about the 10,000 links (Sound like a good horror or suspense novel title, "DollyGirl And The 10,000 Links" though)... so yeah, ignore my post, you don't need more work.

    Oh so funnylaughlaughcryinglaugh. You my friend are some of the reason there are 10,000 links on the wiki. Did you know that we have a category just for you? 

    Category:McGyver - Poser and Daz Studio Free Resources Wiki (miraheze.org)

    Not complete by any means but a start. Want to help out? I do feel like the young lady that asks "Why don't we just get in the running car......?"

    But seriously McGyver you just made my day. Thanks

    Dollygirl and The 10,000 Links

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    Thank you so much for maintaining this site!  It is a true treasure trove of awesomeness.  heart

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    Sadly Lyne's Creations website is no longer available so all her freebies listed on the miraheze site are no longer available from the links provided. 

    Any chance they might be availble elsewhere such as the wayback machine and you could correct the links ?

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    Thanks Charlie for the heads up. I see on the wayback there are about 5 packages available. All of them are her cat variations.  But I have noticed that sometimes they retrieve more as time goes by. We can only hope. 

    Note: The wiki has been updated for Lyne's personal website. There are still things at planit3D that the Wayback Machine captured. So we do still have some of her work.

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    Since Lyne's site is gone, I have checked too on Web Archive. I ended with that link


    When you filter by zip, you end with 11, but still mainly for the cat according the names.

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    I have changed the title of this thread to be about the site. I have been thinking that I might use it to give updates. Pose questions about the site improvements, requests for certain types of pages and such. So feel free to say your peace.

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    So on that note. I was thinking. Anybody interested in a set of pages about Mermaids, sea creatures, and the like?

  • They are not my sort of thing, but they seem popular enough here to probably be worthwhile. Regards, Richard.
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    So what would you think would be an interesting feature for the wiki? I am kind of thinking of treating the wiki as a museum or library.

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    I think I'm probably exactly the wrong person to ask. I tend to be myopic on cats, 2CV's, cross stitch, fountain pens and 'Ohh Shineeee...'. And the odd 'Everyday' type character or pose. Not really all that mainstream given that most poses seem to be 'Fashion Model trying hard to look like a Real Human Being doing everyday stuff.... [and failing]' . Love landscape type things (the sort of thing that makes DS & Poser seem a wider environment than the usual closed room with a figure or two), but there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of freebie stuff about like it - it's HARD to do. Oh, and trains. And house exteriors (for populating the wide environments). I actually started with a model railways as a brat to make my lovely German HO scale house kits look more realistic and dynamic (Talk about back to front).



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    You know richard you did answer my question. Give yourself credit. There are lots of cat people. I have done lots of cross stitch projects. My very first passion in life was needlework. When I was nine, my grandmother started me on traditional embroidery, stem stitch, french knots and the like, then she gave me 10 cents and I bought a book that had how tos for tatting, knitting, crochet, then it was off to needlepoint and then cross stitch. Oh and there are more, much more needlework techniques I have delved into. And Shineee, I gotcha'. When my husband and I were renovating our house. I told the "boys" (my brother was our general contractor, hense the name "boys". He being younger than me) I wanted bling in our master bathroom. They thought I was nuts.

    I can see lots of opportunities with just your list of things. For example:

    1) Cats at play - a symposium of categories of poses, morphs, wardrobe, furniture, hair, identification of free and paid cats, figures and props. Maybe interviews with some cat people expressing what they would like to have in the way of cat characters, wardrobe, hair and the like.

    2) Autos and where to find the host with the mostest, Where is the most perfect 2CV, jag or mucsle car

    3) Needle work and where to find it, props, texturing, resources for samples and examples.

    4) Landscapes- where to find the stuff, tricks and products that will help with making a big scene. how to use the software of your choice, the art of creating landscapes. Putting together a city street, a medevil village.

    5) An interview with richardandtracy about how to make a pose real with recommendations of poses that lend themselves to this technique.

    6) What to do when you are broke and want a train scene for your story. where are the trains, tracks, buildings and such to make it happen for free.

    7) Jewelry, those oh so pretty bobbles. Where to find metal shaders, freebies, tutorials on how to put together some bling.

    I think you get the idea. Thank you very much for contributing to the conversation. All of your ideas would be fun to explore. Who knows what treasures could be found and things could be learned.

  • 5) No, no, no....... [Runs off screaming]
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    Just kidding!!!!

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    Since the time when  morphography website got shutdow, poserdazfreebies became the ultimate reference for freebies catalogue!

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    Thank you akmerlow. Those are kind words. Yes robkelk started the wiki back before 2014. We had a different host before then. Can't believe we have been around for more then 8 years. The wiki is still very much a work in progress. I hope you found it easy to find things. Any insights you might have would be most appriciated. And here is KEZ which was hosted on Morphography. KEZ was created by Kirwyn. She had a counter part KOZ which is nolonger available. Many new and old things. KEZ shows up around 2011. The first version of KEZ is an interesting figure. Kirwyn, used geometry swap out to make her wardrobe. Quite cool. He turned her into a mermaid, Abe Lincoln, a gun slinger and more. Here is KEZ as Abe, contemplating the Gettyburg's Address.

    KEZ as Abe

    800 x 1035 - 1M
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  • DollyGirl, sent you a forum message. It's easy enough to miss them.. Regards, Richard.
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    @richardandtracy, I have responded.

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                                                                                            The Looks of FemaSu 2011

    An update about the PoserDAZ Freebie Site.

    There has been activitiy on the site. I hear footsteps instead of echos. I have completed the FemaSu 2011 catalogue. Karth most graciously released her FemaSu collection which was sold at the now defunct PoserAdicts store, for free over on ShareCG. It was like Christmas again. With that happening I went to town and created the pages for all the freebies I have. 

    One of the last pages I did was one about Poser magnets. Now I am a hardened Studio girl. I don't do much in Poser when it comes to the more advanced stuff. Needless to say I had to learn something new. The freebie is Mess 'O' Magnets by Jim Farris. He designed the freebie so that people could have the dynamic version of the Butterfly dress by English Bob fit FemaSu. The dress orginally was for Victoria 3. Jim created this freebie 11 years ago. None of the links he listed were any good. Anybody wanting to make this happen would be something out of luck. So I thought gee I can just point anyone that is interested to the correct links to the freebies and provide a very rudimentary tutorial on how I figured out how to use the magnets in Poser Pro 2014 (cause that is what I have). It worked. But I did cheat and after I applied the magnets in Poser I exported out the dress in obj format and brought it into Studio. Cause you know, hardened and all that. Such a pretty dress and FemaSu looks just beautiful.

    On another note we have had others coming by and helping out. richardandtracy is busy adding his pages of his contributions to the community. Lots of cool stuff. Others have found links that no longer work and that keeps me busy finding out if there is another copy some where.

    Come say howdy and look at the pages. We are always open to suggestions. Like I keep telling people there is always more than one way to do something.

    FemaSu can be found here: FemaSu 2011 - Poser and Daz Studio Free Resources Wiki (miraheze.org)

    Mess 'O' Magnets can be found here: Mess 'O' Magnets - Poser and Daz Studio Free Resources Wiki (miraheze.org)

    See you soon and Happy St Patty's Day everybody

    500 x 648 - 315K
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    Hi everybody. It has been about 2 weeks since the last update. This time I was busy cataloging some of Poser 4 Nude Woman (Posette) and Poser 4 Nude Man (Dork) and a little of something for the other poser clan of figures. Most of what I identified is from the early 2000s. Blast from the past right! There is a strong feeling about P4 Woman going both ways. She came before Victoria 1. There was huge support for her but then as Victoria evolved Posette lost favor but Poser did not invest in updating her but introduced figures like Judy, Miki, Sydney, and the like. Poor Posette. She fell into disfavor. And I must admit that from seeing all of the  renders from that era of the poor girl she kinda looked like a dog. But this trek of going into the past and pulling out some of the things creators made for her has made me think differently about our Posette. Here are some of the things I have found.

    3Dream Carla 2010 3D Angel Nikita Ballerina Arduino Eve Billy-T P4 Fem High Heels

    3Dream Carla 2010                        3D Angel Nikita Ballerina 1999         Arduino Eve 2001                           Billy-T P4 Fem High Heels 2002

    Marvel1 Photon and -renapd- Arcania Poser World Chiton with AprilYSH Alysadae Hair

    Marvel1 Photon and -renapd- Arcania  Poser World Chiton (1999) with AprilYSH Alysadae Hair (2004)

    All of the things you see in these images either are modified base clothing that came with Posette or are free articles of clothing, morphs, and full body constructs given by the community. The links to the free stuff are provided on the PoserDAZ freebie wiki under the figure P4 Woman. Those Billy-T shoes are the bomb. 


    500 x 650 - 308K
    3D Angel-Nikita Ballerina.png
    500 x 650 - 195K
    Arduino-Eve Posette.png
    500 x 650 - 255K
    Billy-T-P4 Fem High Heel.png
    500 x 650 - 286K
    Photon and Arcania.png
    500 x 650 - 318K
    500 x 650 - 253K
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  • I like the simplicity and the slightly cartoony look of many of the old figures. Thanks for helping to keep them around, DollyGirl!

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    You are most welcome, will.

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    As usual, DollyGirl, you're doing a fantastic job. Thanks for your efforts. TBH, I have never seen Posette looking so dapper.



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    Thank you Richard. Yes she isn't dowdy anymore. Studio has some amazing tools for making these objects look really good. So does Poser I just don't know how to use them.

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