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    njs said:

    About a week ago, I registered myself on Foundation3D. I haven't been able to download lightsabers from the resources yet because I may have to be patient for my account to be activated.

    So it may be a week or a month before I get a valid script from them.

    Might be a lot longer then that but I do not know.  Its not somethig I have control over

  • njsnjs Posts: 57

    You're absolutely right, it could take even longer than a month.

    However, the administrators have control over it for now.

    But I'm glad that I was able to register on there.

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    Thank you for mentioning that.  I just went to F3D and found the thread about it.  I will pass on the info.


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    I never got in over there.  I tried months ago.

    Edit: I just saw your post on the Star Trek page.  I can't access the site from work.  I'll try and register later tonight.

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    tkdrobert said:

    I never got in over there.  I tried months ago.

    Please try again.

  • njsnjs Posts: 57

    Important Update for Lightsabers on Foundation 3D.

    Hi, njs here.

    Sorry for this late update, but I wanted to let anyone know that the Lightsabers on Foundation 3D can now be downloaded.

  • tj_1ca9500btj_1ca9500b Posts: 1,607

    I'd love to see a Daz friendly version of the D-10 Riskadh Heavy Cruiser...

  • SpottedKittySpottedKitty Posts: 6,703

    My meanderings through my runtime looking for neat Poser-era stuff to convert to D|S format recently reached the old TOS-era starship kits (heavy cruiser, destroyer, scout, transport, updated a little bit from the designs in the Franz Josef tech manual) made by Greywolf. Conversion and Iray materials went well (except I just realised today there are three, not two saucer hull variants, so I need to do a bit more work later).

    Looking more closely at the thumbnails for the shuttlebay doors, I can see just an edge of what seems to be a complete hangar deck interior, which isn't part of the secondary hull model. Does anyone else still have the kits, and is there actually a hangar interior somewhere and I missed it?

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    Found him! He has an archive at DeviantArt under his full handle, Greywolf-Starkiller. Got the hangar deck, a TOS Miranda model, and the big guns, the dreadnought USS Federation. Seriously, that thing has phaser banks everywhere. And it looks like he's working on a more generalised Connie-class contruction kit with lots of variants.

    A few glitches, though; the hangar door objects on the Federation are mis-saved, they each have their origin points in their centres instead of what ought to be the pivot point for the whole door structure, and I'm having problems fixing it. Also on the Miranda, the red and green lights on the nacelles are swapped, and a couple of the green lights on the primary hull have the red light material. Not sure how to fix this, some of them are under a glass dome mesh.

    Anyway, here's a quick render of my WIP Iray materials on the Connie with the hangar deck. No registry text, I haven't converted them yet. The hangar has a light panels material, so all I need now is a small-scale low-detail shuttle mesh.

    Another weirdness; the red light mesh on the fantail turns invisible when I convert to Iray materials. It isn't reversed normals, I know how to fix that, I can actually see through the hole to the deflector dish light at the front of the secondary hull. I have no idea what's happening. N-gons, maybe?

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