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  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,125
    njs said:

    About a week ago, I registered myself on Foundation3D. I haven't been able to download lightsabers from the resources yet because I may have to be patient for my account to be activated.

    So it may be a week or a month before I get a valid script from them.

    Might be a lot longer then that but I do not know.  Its not somethig I have control over

  • njsnjs Posts: 55

    You're absolutely right, it could take even longer than a month.

    However, the administrators have control over it for now.

    But I'm glad that I was able to register on there.

  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,125
    edited March 2019

    Thank you for mentioning that.  I just went to F3D and found the thread about it.  I will pass on the info.


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  • tkdroberttkdrobert Posts: 2,519
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    I never got in over there.  I tried months ago.

    Edit: I just saw your post on the Star Trek page.  I can't access the site from work.  I'll try and register later tonight.

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  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,125
    tkdrobert said:

    I never got in over there.  I tried months ago.

    Please try again.

  • njsnjs Posts: 55

    Important Update for Lightsabers on Foundation 3D.

    Hi, njs here.

    Sorry for this late update, but I wanted to let anyone know that the Lightsabers on Foundation 3D can now be downloaded.

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