Blackmagic Fusion 7 free now

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not Carrara specific, but very interesting:

More informations:



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    Thanks again, RK!
    To me, this is all Carrara-related because Carrara has such an infinite scope, any app that might add nicely to ones toolkit to get the dreams to come to fruition should be considered related. That's why I have such a strong feeling towards Howler, after all... because it works so well with my workflow.

    So maybe, once I get heavy into production work, I might just start adding to my arsenal!
    This Blackmagic Fusion looks way cool!

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    It's like After Effects but in a node based system.

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    I use AE for a very long time, but one does not know what tomorrow will be made then, a free program, it's (almost ;-)) always done by people impassioned and eager to offer best of themselves.
    Look at the example of Blender.
    Software to follow and to try…

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    Sounds interesting. I downloaded it so I can try it out.

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    a simple export from Carrara as Filmbox (FBX) and imported into Fusion. Not, bad...really not bad. :-) I need to learn more. :P

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