rigmesh Stu Sutcliff would like this!!!

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like Sculptris with bones!
No, I have not tried it yet,
downloaded it though (just the zip on my Android to put on 'puter later)
was posted on the Reallusion forum.

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    well results in Carrara not good, mesh has no xyz reference values
    just a bounding box and though you can see it in the vertex room, uv mapping it results in failure to render in assembly room
    I got something into iClone 3Dxchange and subsequently iClone but it was a flashing thing no matter how I uv mapped it
    uploaded out of the box video to Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZybAVaMNw0

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    in Rigmesh
    in fbx viewer
    in Carrara
    in iClone 3dx5

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    autosmooth in iClone 5dx5 fixed the mesh which I then uv mapped
    boning not pretty
    disappears and reappears animated

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    I know they're not calling it a beta, but from reading the posts you link to, it's a beta. Not even a beta from a company. Sounds to me like it's a graduate student project, or some other type of academic project as they mention getting published. Not that there's anything wrong with it, in fact it sounds very interesting, but when you mess with software at this stage, you get what you pay for. I would say, keep the devs. informed of the progress you're making and the issues you have and maybe you'll get a citation in their paper, and a nice finished piece of software. Eventually.

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    lol! there is no way in hell I am joining and posting ANYTHING on CGtalk forum :red:
    this little Daz dolly user would get eaten for breakfast by those REAL modellers! ;-P

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    Hey there Wendy! I downloaded this ages a go....It just would not even run....so I just binned it! I really cant be bothered these days. It looked intrigueing. Maybe I will take another look. It may install now! I thought it may have been usefull to block stuff out to import into 3dCoat. Ive finally kicked animation into touch,lifes too short.I just render ONE frame now. I've not been doing much at all recently,its like there is a big switch in my brain marked "artistic endeavors"....thats been switched off. I do admire your perseverence though Wendy!

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