How do I import JPGs or PNGs into my scene?

KeiththegamergeekKeiththegamergeek Posts: 35
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I bought some PNG explosions from Renderosity, and want to add them into a scene but it's not immediately apparent how to do that. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    You can either add them in postwork afterwards, or else create a primitive plane and a transmap for the effect (white where the effect is, black elsewhere), then apply the png to the Diffuse channel and the transmap to the opacity channel.

  • KeiththegamergeekKeiththegamergeek Posts: 35
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    Please advise as to the procedure, I'm grasping at straws trying to make it work.

  • Design Anvil - Razor42Design Anvil - Razor42 Posts: 1,221
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    If you want to use it in scene in DS.

    1. Create a new primitive
    2. Change it to type: plane make size: 10m
    3. Select plane in viewport change x Rotate in parameters to 90
    4 adjust y rotate to make it perpendicular to your camera view
    5 change to surfaces palette
    6 Add your image to Diffuse Colour channel and possibly ambient colour channel
    7 If you have a black and white alpha map to match apply it to opacity strength channel
    7a if you don't have an oppacity/Transpareny map you will need to create one in an image manipulation program
    7b in image editor open png, add a layer of black behind the image. Convert the explosion to grayscale and add brightness till it is all white. White means visible, black means transparent in a transmap. Save as eg Explosion01Trans and apply to opacity strength channel
    8 Render


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