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I am interested in using HD morphs and figures. But before trying it, please let me ask three questions, so that I know what I get and what I can do with it.

1. If I buy the Victoria 6 HD add on, can I still use any other body textures on her and will it look good? Or do I have to stick with dedicated V6 textures. If I use figures like Olympia6 or Stephanie6, do I have to buy their HD versions too, or can I use them with the V6 HD add on?

2. If I buy a G2F character that uses HD morphs, do I have to buy the V6 HD add on first, or are they independent? And again, can I use any other body textures on that figure?

3. Do products like the Tattoo Parlor, that use the LIE to "paint" tattoos on the body, work with HD figures as well?

Thanks in advance for clarification.

The reason why I ask this, is because my usual workflow with figures looks like this:

I load G2F, then I shape her with various figure morphs, like 40% V6 + 30% Olympia + 20% Stephanie6 + 10% Gia6. Then I apply a body texture from a completely different (3rd party) figure, along with some tattoos.

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    1. As these are subtle geometry morphs, you can use any G2F texture with them. You can use the V6 HD morphs with other characters, but results will vary.

    2. HD characters are independent morphs, so unless they specifically state that the V6 HD Morphs are required, you won't need to purchase the add-on first. Also, they should work with any G2F texture set.

    3. Again, these are morphs, so any G2F texture, including those made with LIE, should work fine with them.

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    The HD technology is based on the new SubDivision created by Pixar and its a technology that is built into DAZ Studio. HD morphs for G2F are not dependant on a particular UV so they will work with all G2F characters. Though results will vary. Other HD characters like the FWArt characters are independant of the DAZ owned HD morphs and thus the DAZ ones are not required.

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    Ok, now the whole thing is much clearer to me. Thanks for your answers!

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    Do HD products work with Daz 4.5?

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    I've been getting quite good results by just increasing subdivision to 3. Below, G2F, 50% V6, Bree (No HD). Luxrender.

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