M4 Hair to Genesis?

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I'm using DzStudio4.5.

I would like to use a M4 Hair on a Genesis figure, but it doesn't fit.

It is written here https://helpdaz.zendesk.com/entries/21258657-using-4th-generation-content-on-genesis-in-daz-studio-4:

You can use the Auto-Fit plugin described above.

The plug-in is loaded in my Studio. How can I use it? I can't find any menu...




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    Prop based hair (.hr2 files) will not auto-convert. Only cr2 based hair.

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    You can manually scale the hair to the head of genesis (I would add hair to genesis in zero pose); also you can add smoothing and collision to fit the hair as well for a better fit.

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    Thanks, I understand now better how it works.

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