Problem with Visual Style Shader - SOLVED

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Hey there,

I bought the set a while ago, but can't seem to get it work. I have it installed under C/Users/Public/DAZ Studio4/Shaders in my main library.
Everytime I try to use it I get the message "An Error occured while reading the file, see the log file for more details."

The log file says:

Executing DAZ Script file: C:/Users/Public/DAZ Studio 4 Pro/Shaders/Visual Style Shaders/Visual Presets/Visual Misc/Visual Colour - Blue 2.dsb
Failed to load script file!
WARNING: QAccessibleWidget::rect: This implementation does not support subelements! (ID 9 unknown for DzActionMgr)

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Yes, there is a nice documentation for the Shader Set out there, but it doesn't say much about the installation itself.


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  • murgatroyd314murgatroyd314 Posts: 1,186
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    First obligatory question: What version of Studio are you using?

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    I have 4.03.38 Pro, though I believe the shaders came out way before the DAZ 4.05 Beta Release. There was a thread in the old forums for the Visual Style Shaders but nobody seemed to have a similiar problem :blank:

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    I actually did have a similar problem and the solution was indeed that I needed a newer version of Studio than the one I was using. I don't recall exactly what version I had the time or which one I updated too. I'll check for you when I get home tonight.

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    They work for me and I'm using DS, which as far as I'm aware is the latest build except for the beta 4.5

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 74,838
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    Yes, I would advise upgrading to .47. DSB files are tagged with the version they were saved from, and won't open in older versions, so it appears that these were saved from .48, or a version between .38 and .48.

  • NewjadeNewjade Posts: 26
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    I'm installing the latest version right now and keeping my fingers crossed.

  • NewjadeNewjade Posts: 26
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    And we have a winner :lol:

    Thank you very much, all of you.

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