Rendering with Movie Gels question...

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Im using Carrara 8.5 Pro and have a question about rendering...

I set up gels over several of the lights. I imported the same .png sequence and used 24 fps.

When I scrub the timeline and watch the gels they advance and even when I do a preview render it shows the correct frame.

But, when I render out the 2min animation it stays on the first gel and doesn't advance at all through the rest.

So, I'm a bit confused if I'm doing something wrong or if maybe it's a bug?

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    HI todd71 :)

    You need to set a key frame at the end of your animation timeline, by setting the little slider on the Gel to the end of the sequence (Pic)
    Go back to the start and scrub through,. to make sure it's working,.. then it should render.

    You can also use tweeners here to create different playback effects, such as Oscillate.

    Hope it helps

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    Oscillate with a sawtooth pattern for looping animation footage

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