Carrara as a file converter

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Many animation nuts may have already discovered this, but this is a new discovery for me, so I thought I'd share:

I usually save my animations out as full frame (not compression codec) avi files, just because I've found that to be easier on me when it comes time to splice them all together. I like the single package and the ability to double click the thing to get it to play.

I have recently been saving to image sequences for ease of use for someone else' project, Philip Staiger of and Project Dogwaffle. Well we've been looking at several different file types for use with alpha channel (don't worry, we had that nailed down long ago) and in the process I've discovered this:

When you save an animation file from Carrara or Howler, whether it is an avi or image sequence, but not gif, you may then open it back up in Carrara and save it as any other type, including gif.

So you can go from sequenced targa to avi or the other way around, as a small example.

Probably no big news, but I wanted to share, just in case it is.


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