How to export custom rigged to Daz Studio 4.6?

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I made a rigged plant and imported into Carrara as fbx and all looks fine. Animation is perfect. However I want to prepare this model for DS content, however DAZ FBX import consistently messes with the root bone cooroidinates, flipping X axis... Even if I compensate in advance.
So I figure import into Carrara and export as collada. No joy with "DAZ Collada" ex, bones jp get scattered and the mesh is "invisible". Generic collada settings are no better. There are no morphs, the figure is rigged in a wishbone fashion on a 26k poly mesh with 1 unwrapped UV. Its not using standard "poser " group, mesh seems bound at root.

Whats is settings are recommended to export animated figures from Carrara 8.5 so they can be properly imported into DS 4.6?

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    figures I would not bother but a plant you could use morph targets
    export a few obj's of your plant posed using the rigging and load them as morph targets on the zero posed plant in D|S
    I have done this with carrara trees using wind and rustle and carrara oceans
    I even did it with rigged figures but the limbs etc resize between morphs for say walk cycles, poses etc looking weird
    there is this horridly narrated video

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    Wendy - that's a brilliant work around!

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