How Important Is OpenCL

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The reason I am asking is that I am thinking about putting my other systems as Linux, in order to save costs in OS anti virus and other areas.

Thing is I notice that my systems have Intel HD graphics cards, as I removed the one from the server, don't think you need a 560ti in a server, and the laptop I can't really change.

Intel does not support OpenCL on linux, so I would have to use the non CL version of Luxrender.

Does OpenCL give that much of a benefit or should I just move to Linux and use the non CL versions of the render nodes?


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    If you aren't planning on using SLG or hybrid, then OpenCL doesn't matter. It is required for GPU rendering.

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    I would only have the console running for Lux, and the rendernode for Carrara - will have to try it out I guess and see what the performance is like

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