Basic "cardboard" for backgrounds

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Made for a request: one very basic plane, cardboard, backboard, whatever. It has a full square for the uvmap. So image masks need to have a square canvas at least, with the "black" covering all but where the figure/prop images go, with "white" covering those areas on the image which goes to the "cut out" aka opacity channel in D/S on the Surface Tab.

This is free "no strings attached" ... commercial or personal renders okay. The plane was made in Hexagon. Nothing special.


And here's a minitut for a method of making Cardboard Figures :-)


Cardboard promo.png
707 x 1000 - 375K
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  • Downloaded and used thank you

  • Downloaded and used thank you

    You're most welcome, I'm glad it was useful :-)


  • Faeryl WomynFaeryl Womyn Posts: 1,360

    Got it and thank you.

  • Got it and thank you.

    You're welcome, enjoy :-)


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    Thanks for this, I have downloaded it and will try during this week to make it work :)

  • Okay MilosGulan, it's not hard but for the trickier areas where editing the mesh is difficult [depends on the images being used] remember too that you can simply put a black/white image on the opacity channel to hide/show of the image.

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    Yes, yes, I am trying to implement it in my workflow, I have done it before but now I need to do it more often and need to set up things :) Thanks. Hm I was thinking about some morphs for it, maybe like for example larger cardboards as parts of scene. I will need to learn Hexagon too, thanks for pictures about working there, they are inspiring angel

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