Not understanding how to use shaders

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Hello all,
I purchased the Manga Style Shaders:
And the Visual Style Shaders:

The problem is I have no idea how to use them. In the render settings I only have default and cartoon options. I see the shaders in my content library but I cant apply them. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    You can find some tutorials here on using shaders

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    They are applied to the surfaces of the objects in the scene and than rendered as usual. Select object (like character) in your scene tab, select surfaces of the same object in Surfaces (color) tab and double click on shader you wish to apply.

    According to the What's Included & Features for the Visual Style Shaders, theres Full 17 Page Documentation included with the product.

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    You have to remember to select the object in the surface tab also...I forget all the time and wonder why my shader won't apply. Select object then go to surface tab and select there also then click on shader to apply :)

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    Thanks for the input. Still having trouble getting them to look right. I am specifically going for the noir effect but I cant get any definition. My people turn almost pure white with minimal detail if any. Maybe I need to play with the light more? We will see.

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