Daz Install Manager (DIM), Now Available!

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Daz 3D is pleased to announce the next public version of Daz Install Manager


  • Version:
  • Date: June 24, 2019


What is new in this version?

The version makes improvements to, or fixes issues discovered since, the General Release. More detail on specific fixes/changes/improvements can be found in the Change Log, which can be viewed online within the Documentation Center portion of our site. All new downloads of DAZ Install Manager will be of this version.


Highlights: (June 24, 2019)

  • First-Time User
    • First-time users are now prompted for whether or not they would like to view/change download/installation paths prior to starting the automated download/install queue
  • Download/Install Behavior
    • Download of packages that provide CMS functionality are now prioritized over all others
      • Except application updates
      • Installation of packages that do not provide CMS functionality are now delayed until after packages in the download or install queues that do
        • If the CMS is to be installed, it should be installed prior to any other package that may cause addition/manipulation of data in the database
    • Installation of packages that install like a plugin are now delayed if packages that install like software are in the download queue
      • This change addresses an issue where packages that install like a plugin would fail to install (or appear as though they had failed) because a package for software that it is a plugin to had not been installed first
      • This issue stems from a deeper issue where because plugin packages are typically much smaller in size than software packages, despite both being in the queue and the software package starting before plugin packages, the plugin packages downloaded much faster and were therefore installed before the software package downloads could complete
  • General
    • When loading the settings for a given account, if the path of the Package Archive and the path of the Manifest Archive are set to the same value, a message informing the user of the detected conflict is now displayed
    • Added a CMS Connection Status button to the header of the main window
      • Indicates CMS connection state and provides the ability to stop/start the CMS
    • Help
      • Clicking the Help button in a window now opens a URL that is more specific to the window containing the button that was clicked
    • Fixed an issue with CSV Export dialog options; usage of the checked state for the "Include Package Signature (GUID)" and "Include Package Size" options where swapped
    • Added Filter By SKU/Ranges/
      • 60,000 -69,999
  • Ready to Download Page
    • Added "Delete Partial Package(s)" menu and options to the context menu for incomplete package downloads
      • Deletes partial download files from the package archive
    • The checked state of the “Display Hidden” option is now persistent between sessions
  • Ready to Install Page
    • Added a "Display Hidden" option
      • This option functions in the same fashion as the similarly named option on the Ready to Download page, except it applies to packages that have been downloaded
      • Checked state is persistent between sessions
      • A package's hidden state is universal, hiding a package on the Ready to Download page does not change if the package is then downloaded and likewise hiding a package on the Ready to Install page does not change if the package is then deleted
    • Added "Hide Package(s)" and "Unhide Package(s)" menus and options to the context menu for packages
  • Installed Page
    • The "Installed Files" list (accessed from "Show Installed Files..." on the context menu, or option menu, of an installed package) now displays the full path for a given installed file in a popup when the cursor is hovered over a hyperlink if the "General Tool Tips" setting is enabled
  • Settings Dialog
    • General
      • Added a simplified version of the Settings dialog (primarily, for display to first-time users)
        • Users are provided the ability to select a "Base Directory"
          • Causes the paths of the Package Archive, Thumbnail Archive, Manifest Archive, Content Database Base, Content Base Path, 64-bit Software Base and 32-bit Software Base to become sub-paths of the chosen directory
          • Selecting "Current" restores the currently assigned paths
          • Selecting "Default" restores the default paths
          • Selecting "Browse.." prompts for a base path and if permissions of the selected path allow the user to read/write, constructs sub-paths to the selected path
        • Paths that already exist on disk are hyperlinked - clicking a hyperlink causes the path to be opened in the OS file browser
        • Accessible by holding the Ctrl/Cmd modifier while clicking the Settings icon in the main window
      • The Downloads > Package Archive setting and the Installation > Manifest Archive setting are now prevented from being set to the same path using their respective browse buttons; the user is alerted to the conflict and the value is not changed
      • All non-list-based settings for paths/values now provide a "Restore Default" action in their respective context menus
      • Added the ability to "Restore Current" from the context menu of various settings
      • Fixed an issue where canceling the Settings dialog after having changed whether or not "General Tool Tips" and/or "Product Info Tips" are displayed did not restore the previous state
    • Installation
      • Added a "Restore Default" action to the context menu for the "64-bit Software Base" setting
      • Added a "Restore Default" action to the context menu for the "32-bit Software Base" setting
      • Fixed an issue where changing the "Manifest Archive" path would not automatically cause user data to be refreshed upon accepting the dialog
      • Added a setting for defining the "Content Database Base" path
      • Added a setting for defining the "Content Database Port"
      • Converted the "Allow Shortcuts" setting to use drop-down menu instead of check boxes
      • Converted the "Content Updates" setting to use drop-down menus instead of radio buttons
      • Moved the "Current" content path setting from below the shortcut list, to above it
    • Applications
      • Added support for Maya 2019 application version
      • Added support for ZBrush 2019 application version
      • Fixed support for ZBrush 2018 application version
        • Removed 32-bit option
        • 64-bit only
      • Added support for Lightwave 2019 application version


How do I get the latest version?

If you have previously installed the Install Manager application and the computer it is installed on is connected to the internet, you can simply launch the application and log into your account. Once connected, you will be notified that an update has been detected and you will be prompted to "Update" or "Work Offline". Click the "Update" button and the application will take care of the rest.

Optionally, you can locate, download and install the application from the Product Library [once you are logged into your account] by entering "Install Manager" into the text field near the top left of the page and clicking the "Filter" button, or by clicking one of the following links:

If this is your first time downloading and/or installing Install Manager, simply follow this link, click the "download free now" button on the page and then run the downloaded installer.

*Note: If you experience a crash during the uninstaller phase of the update, it is recommended that you download the installer from the Product Library (see above) and run it manually.


Is there any documentation?

Yes, documentation is located here. Clicking the "Help" button in the top right corner of the application main window will launch your [default] browser to the same location.

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  • DavidGBDavidGB Posts: 555

    So, STILL no setting to install the Filters to anywhere but Users/Public Documents/DAZ 3D/InstallManager? Really? Everything else can have a defined location other than what was the default - Packages archive, Manifest archive, thumbnail archive, even the cms database now ... but still just with Users/Public Documents//DAZ 3D/InstallManager for the Filters? Come ON. I do not have ANYTHING in Public/Documents, and that is not changing, so I'm going to have to dig them out and move the new ones to where I moved the old ones to with the workaround last time. Seriously, after all this time you leave just ONE thing that can't be put where the user wants it through the program and needs deep filer diving to sort it out. Sheesh.

  • WonderlandWonderland Posts: 3,503

    About 70% of items fail to download, and I have to keep trying until finally they do. One item took 5 tries, then it finally and magically downloaded. This behavior is new, have 5G fast internet...

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 20,844

    Is there any way to delete just the installers of installed items?  For example Anita Hair is about 1.2 gb installed but is only 607.72 MB for the zip file.  I do not have a ton of space on my harddrive for both the installed files and the installer zips.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 4,437
    edited July 14

    Is there any way to delete just the installers of installed items?  For example Anita Hair is about 1.2 gb installed but is only 607.72 MB for the zip file.  I do not have a ton of space on my harddrive for both the installed files and the installer zips.

    If you don;t want to keep any of the installers, you can instruct DIM to delete the zip after installing (there's check box  near the bottom of the "Ready to Install" tab if I remember rightly). Personally I backup all the zips to an external hard drive then manually remove the largest ones. DIM only needs them again if you uninstall and want to reinstall without re-downloading - that's where the external copy comes in handy!

    ETA: I just use Windows Explorer to browse to the location where my downloads are, sort by size and delete from the top until I've cleared enough space to keep me and my PC happy.

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 52,856

    You can delete the zip after isntalaltion, from the Installedf tab in DIM right-click the product entry or the click triangle button to its right>Delete Package

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