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I've randomly reset a couple of things -- one that I wasn't even having issues with -- and discovered that a few things have been updated. No idea when.

Brennan for Genesis - installer updated from 1.0 to 1.1, no idea why - originally released before the original 1/1/2012 cutoff date of the first unofficial list (see below), but I don't know when the update happened.

MS-Lycan - 1.0 release in March 2012; installer updated from 1.0 to 1.2 (hopefully this fixes the issue of Lycan semi-randomly trying to steal every other character's UVs -- he really REALLY doesn't like Michael Genesis, but is apparently moderately lukewarm about Victoria). Product Updates forum section maintained by JGreenlees

forumarchive: fixmypcmike: Unofficial DS4 Product Update List (product released and updated after 1/1/2012)

Link to original table of updated products compiled by fixmypcmike


forumarchive: fixmypcmike: NonGenesis Content with Metadata (I think an updated version of this list exists in this forum somewhere.)

I assume this is all stuff that will get picked up by DAZ once the store is functioning smoothly and they can look at getting the automated installer going. But until then... Anyone else found stuff that's been updated? Join the party!


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    Genesis Bracers, Lisa's Botanicals: Asian Lily+Lily Garden, NRH Dragonfly, to name a few (I reported 'em for some bugs).

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    This is the current Non-Genesis MetaData Update Thread

    Thanks for the info on Genesis Braces they are at 1.2 now..

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    Recently discovered updates:

    - Gossip for Genesis - 1.0 original installer in March 2011; current version is 1.2. It's not in the old Product Updates thread or in fixmypcmike's table, so I don't know when 1.2 happened. (At a guess, maybe it includes morphs for the iconic shapes, all of which postdate the original.)

    - Defiant for Genesis - 1.4 update in April 2012 to fix duplicate files error (in JGreenlees updates); current version is 1.5, so the update was updated.

    There's also a small glitch with the installer for Genesis Bracers 1.2. It tries to go to the documentation website for the readme, opens a CMD window, then can't get there.

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    For the Genesis Bracers the website may not be up yet that it is trying to go to. All the docs are going to be online now, but they aren't up yet for a few things.

    Also if you are updating content and get told Genesis can't be found and something can't be installed or Studio starts to give error messages. Re-install Studio. Some of the older content uninstallers will remove some of Studio 4 and Genesis.

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    Thanks for the info!

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