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I usually use my desktop for all of my DAZ stuff. But I am thinking of taking a little trip soon and would like to know if there's a way to copy my content from the workstation to the laptop and then use DIM on the laptop to manage the installation of said content without having to re-download everything.

My workstation's download folder is available and can be shared/copied with the laptop on my WIFI network for the initial transfer.

Is there a procedure I can follow to avoid re-downloading all of my content to the laptop?

And also, what if I make a content purchase while I'm away? I mean, I would download and install it to the laptop, but when I get home I'd want to install it on my workstation since that is the main machine anyway. So I would like to coordinate my DAZ content between the two machines.

Both computers use Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit.

Thanks in advance!


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    Fairly easy.

    Install DIM on your laptop and click on 'work offline'; then set up your configuration - account, download folder, installation paths, and such.

    Shut down DIM and copy your current download folder to the one you defined on your laptop. When you fire up DIM again it should show everything as ready to install.

    To go the other way - with new downloads - just make sure DIM is shut down on both systems, sort the laptop download folder into descending date sequence, and copy all the new items to the other machine's download folder. There is a bug in DIM, reported but low priority, that will cause some number of the older .dsx files to show the newest date (about 1,000 for me). Just go ahead and copy them as well.

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    Excellent instructions; thank you for taking the time. I'll try this out after hours tonight!

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    I actually do all my downloads on the laptop at a wifi hotspot and then copy the results to my main system at home. In addition, I keep a small Studio config on the laptop to play with while downloading - so I've had a bit of experience doing this. :-)

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    Use a very similar setup.

    However instead of downloading and copying zip files between my workstation and laptop. I use an external drive, as the download folder in DIM (configured DIM to use same external drive folder on both my laptop and workstation to download content to). It saves a lot of space, and you only need to download the content once, to install it on both).

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