Grainy-ness of lighting settings

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See the image below. What dictates the grainy appearance of the lighting/shadowing of uberenvironment lighting, etc.? I want to maintain the level of illumination and the shadow effects as seen here, but eliminate - or minimize - the grainy light/shadow imprinting on the figure. Is this simply the nature of uberenvironment lighting?

Any help is appreciated.

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    What are your render settings? Your shading rate should be about .2 or .1

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    Go to your UE folder and apply one of the quality settings. It defaults to a low quality but fast version of the shader. I think the main setting you are looking for in UE parameters is called Shading Rate or something like that. (I haven't used UE in awhile)

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    Attached is one section of the light settings for the render. The Shading Rate is at 0.5.

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    This is UberE set to the HIGH setting using the Set Quality to 4x icon...

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    Then in your Render Settings you set Shading rate to .5 or .2 as in this...

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    Given that you have soft shadows you may also need to increase the Shadow Samples setting.

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