Connecting to DAZ (DIM or Updating Metadata) crashes internet


Small, but annoying issue. Everytime I start up DAZ Studio 10 or 11, he updates metadata for 2k objects. Question 1: Is that normal, and if yes, can I tell him to do this, I dont know, 1 time per week, instead of always? When I tell him to "work offline" he simply "hangs himself up" and I have to "kill" the application via task-manager.

Second, also annoying, when he does this, my internet doesn't work anymore.

Any solutions?

Thank you in advance!

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    That sounds lie eConnect, (uh)happilly I don't use that (I use DIM) so am not sure if you can 'fine-tune' the settimgs but think you should be able to set it to not connect unless you tell it to do so.

  • I use the DAZ-Install-Manager, and it actually produces the same error. This means, when the app downloads a product, it starts at a rate of 10 mbit, drops to 0 in a few seconds.Then, no internet, at all, works, until I stop the download, then my internet works again (I changed the title accordingly). So, in the moment, I'm not able to download anything.

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    The considered advice is not to run DIM and Daz Studioat teh same time, so if you are doign that it is best to stop doing so.  That aside DIM can grab a lot of your bandwidth, and I have changed it's setup to only downlaod one product at a time which helped.

  • Thank you! That was actually a very good advice.

    Furthermore, there seems to be an additional bug with my modem, which is quite old, ccausing the W-LAN to go mad, when "certain things" (as my provider put it) happen. This seems to be a software-hardware-situation-interaction... Long story short, I get a new modem.

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