Organizing Morphs in DAZ Parameter/Posing tabs

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Another noob question. :)
I have a question in regards to ways of organizing morphs in DAZ Studio Parameter/Posing tabs.
Is it possible to group them in some way?
For example, I have several expression morphs. They are filed under "expressions" in the tab. But if I open this sub-folder, they create a long list. I would like to make sub-groups, like "Smile", "Anger", etc.
Is this possible?


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    Yes - click the gear at the end of the slider, then Parameter Settings..., then edit the Path entry - for example, add /Smile to the end to place the expression in a smile sub group (which will be created if it doesn't exist. Once done, make sure everything is zeroed so you don't save any changes you didn't want and go to File>Save as>Support Asset>Save Modified Assets and review the list to be doubly sure you aren't saving something you don't want to be come a default.

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    Thank you. :-)
    This wasn't quite what I had in mind, but I'll give it a try. :-)

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    TIP: For Bought Items I suggest that you just learn to live with it. I have over 16 full screens in list format when I open some morph sections. I also miss the grouping.

    The Above may work but I also think it was intended for a Smile morph you created only and not for Bought conent.

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    Thank you for the information.

    Too bad that Studio isn't really helpful to order-freaks in that aspect. I use Categories to make sense of my bought content, as the DIM-installed order with content being slipt up between DAZ and Poser is not really helpful. At least, with categories, I can put the Poser and DAZ content for an item into one subcategory. :-)

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    How a morph is listed for Genesis has nothing to do with where or how it is installed. The following lines inside the .dsf file determine how it is listed. This is from my custom SheFreak 5 file.

    "region" : "Actor",
    "group" : "/Female/Fantasy SciFi",

    Unless you are willing to hack the files or use the parameters setting to change them every time they get updated it is hardly worth the effort.

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