Questions About Doing Your Own Setup

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Questions about doing your own setup.
1. If you have to reinstall your studio version, do you lose your setup?
2. can you delete the products from the DAZ setup once you've done them your way? Does it double the amount of resources needed (can't think of the right word, RAM, bytes, whatever) to keep both copies?
3.what exactly do you export a copy of to an external hard drive to save your setup?


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    Do you mean the DAZ Studio interface or Content?

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    Meaning if I create my own setup with categories in the studio (like what we're discussing over in the art studio thread) if a new version of the studio comes out, will I be able to keep the same setup when I install the next version? Or if I have to reinstall for any reason, will my setup remain the same with the categories the way I set it up?

    Also, what I meant was, if for example I do my own Hair categories, does it take up more resources to also keep the files located where they were originally?

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    Your Category files are just a txt based file saved in the format the CMS can read. The only thing that grows is the file as you add more items to the categories. Your content will grow much faster than the Database file. The data base holds not only the categories you create but all the metadata pointers for all smart content. The Export User Data in the Content DB Manager is all that is needed to keep your database working as long as the CMS is working on your PC. I export mine to a Folder in my Public Documents area and then put a copy of that on a external drive also. So far I have recovered all my lost settings, except the last ones done at crash of the DB every time. Be warned Exporting and then restoring the file can and will take a very long time.

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    Think of your categories as shortcuts. Much like shortcuts in windows, if you delete the original file, the shortcut becomes invalid since it can't find the original that it's pointing to.

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