How to create a product in DAZ Studio?

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Luckily I managed to solve the problem with the CMS (metadata), thanks to the help of everyone here! With this, I intend to continue trying to create a product in DAZ Studio so that when adiquirido the freebie, the user can install it and spot him easily in the Smart Content Products. The problem is that I do not know how to save, textures, and whatever else it takes to load the DAZ Studio seamlessly entire scene or object that I created. Most of the products I purchased, has an installer and others have a script called "Manifest" and a folder with the name of support, which are icons and scripts that makes the the product is within the "Smart Content Products" correctly. I wish I could easily create this way. Could someone please point me to a tutorial on how to do it? I have many freebies and would like to post them soon!
Thanks again for the support!

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    Check out this thread- Slosh mentioned having freebies and you can probably PM to get the answer if someone doesn't post the answer. Then you can tell the rest of us, lol.

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    The way I did it was to supply a ZIP file with the metadata to be installed into your AppData\Daz 3D folder. In there is a RunOnce folder which executes DSA scripts allowing you to process metadata in a queue (the user will get a dialogue box when they open Daz Studio asking them to confirm adding it to the Smart Content). It should be noted that this method also requires a copy of the DSX and DSA in the Runtime\Support folder.

    It's also possible to create a Manifest.dsx file and have it install automatically via the Daz Install Manager. This would require the user to place the file in their DIM downloads folder and install the content through it.

    The DSX files are basically XML files, and are simple text documents you can edit. I'll list the basics here.

    <!-- The following line tells Daz that you want to install items into the Content database -->
    <!-- Items enclosed within the block are the items you want to install -->
    <!-- As with html and XML, you can close a block by using the forward-slash in front of the command -->
       <!-- Begin the products block -->
          <!-- Name your product and begin the product block -->
             <!-- Single line values terminated with a forward slash at the end of the line -->
             <!-- Optional Artist name -->
             <!-- An Asset is an individual object, whether it iss a material preset or figure. -->
             <!-- This begins the list of individual assets, each one should be encased in asset tags -->
                <!-- The link to the actual file -->
                   <!-- This line tells Daz to treat the item as a pair of shoes -->
                   <!-- Audience suitability. -->
                   <!-- List of the categories you want your item to be listed within in the Smart Content. -->
                   <!-- Remember, close blocks with a forward slash before command name -->
    <!-- This is the closing line for the ContentDBInstall -->
    I hope that's simplified enough to understand the basics.
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    Thank you all!
    I will analyze and study this script to learn how to use it!
    Thanks for the tips!

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    HOF- is that script for using the DIM then? If so, can you tell me how to do it otherwise for folks who don't use DIM?

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    Actually, that's the XML format purely for the metadata alone. If you want to be able to install it via external means you'll need a Daz script file (*.DSA) which plugs the XML into the queue for importing. To do this use the following code and ensure that the filename remains the same and copy them both to the same locations.

    // Check the Daz version supports this insertion method.
    if( App.version >= 67109158 )
     var oFile = new DzFile( getScriptFileName() );
     var oAssetMgr = App.getAssetMgr();
     if( oAssetMgr )
      // Adds the XML of any file with the same name
      // as this script minus the extension
      oAssetMgr.queueDBMetaFile( oFile.baseName() );
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