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    Thank you - glad you like Mrs Santa Gnobbit, Marianner - Gnobbit is such a sweet character!smiley

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 3,425

    Can someone tell me where the heck I can get the cookie charactor and her friends???? plz n tyvm

  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 1,601

    Yep. She's one of the many standalone figures by LittleFox. LittleFox's products have been migrating slowly from RDNA since the merger, but Cookie is one that hasn't made the transition yet. Since no roadmap has been announced for what will or may not be brought over amongst Littlefox's many products, it is basically a waiting game to see. Meanwhile, if you have an account there, you could purchase it at RDNA, although it is currently listed at full price, as are most other products still there. If it is brought over, the "new" products have been introduced at discounts so far, so it might be worth waiting. Otherwise, here is the link at RDNA:

  • Cris PalominoCris Palomino Posts: 3,958

    When you attempt to purchase at RDNA presently, you are routed to

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    Hope the RDNA situation will be sorted out and that you can get  Cookie, Saphirewild. She is so cute!

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  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,391

    Question? Is it true that all Gumdrops can wear all Gumdrops clothing (well, maybe not the Mermaid - but the rest)?

  • trumarcartrumarcar Posts: 487

    I think so. Of course, some have "built in" clothing, like Patches.

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 3,425

    I think I will wait till the smoke clears and they gets all their stuff over here before I attempt to purchace it!!!

  • andolaurinaandolaurina Posts: 559

    @Kerya, I think Candy is the only Gumdrops that can wear removable clothes. I have most of the other ones and their clothes are built-in.

  • trumarcartrumarcar Posts: 487

    Cupcake and Leroy I can think of. Any others?

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,391

    Leroy can't remove his clothes either, they are built in too.

    Looks like I have to wait for Candy ...

  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 1,601

    "When you attempt to purchase at RDNA presently, you are routed to";

    I don't want to be jacking the thread, but I logged in over at RDNA, Cris, and that did not happen. I put a couple of items in my cart (that currently are not for sale here), and went through the checkout process as far as making a payment and everything proceeded as it normally would. There was no redirection to DAZ, and no indication that the purchase would not have gone through had I completed it. I didn't really want the items, so I stopped just short of completion. Perhaps one needs a previous account at RDNA? (as I do).

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    Well, here it is! "African" outfits for Gumdrops.

    The male outfit has loincloth, cloak, headband, three necklaces, arm and leg bands,spear and shield.

    The female outfit has dress, hipcloth, shawl, earrings, hat and neckband.

    All at Treasurechest on the Gumdrops page (you will have to scroll down to find the "Gumdrops Abroad" section).

    The display case is at KCTC Freebies


    600 x 600 - 355K
    600 x 600 - 328K
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  • Thank you so much! heart

  • Rieke77Rieke77 Posts: 136

    That looks so cute. Thank you so much!

  • Gumdrops Ancient Egypt. HUGE amount of stuff for Gummie. Skirt, collar, belt, sandals, was, ankh, headdress, two crowns, earrings for male character. Dress, shawl, earrings, bracelets, armbands, hair, hair band, hair beads, headdress and helmet for female character. There are also two heads for Anubis and Horus. There is a boat with two mats, moveable oars and an optional funerary shelf. There is also a throne, footstool and sarcophagus for Gummdrop. There is a head morph so that the Sarcophagus can lie in the boat and Mininessie VERY kindly made the same morph for use in DS.

    Now having a short rest.

    All at Treasurechest on the Gumdrops page. Have fun!

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    600 x 600 - 369K
    600 x 600 - 287K
    600 x 600 - 426K
    600 x 600 - 418K
  • Such an awesome set! Thank you so much. heart

  • love it!! thank you so much!

  • Cute! Thank you!!

  • VilianVilian Posts: 267

    I love Gumdrops AND Egyptian stuff, so it's like Christmas again ^.^ Thank you for amazing stuff!

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 9,391


    Thank you!

  • Adorable!!  Thank you!

  • Rieke77Rieke77 Posts: 136

    Awesome!! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you!

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    New Freebies - Sleepy Suit for Kids 4 and Sleepy Suit updated for Pranx. They both now include Halloween props, faces and materials, like Kit's Katsuit (at Treasurechest).

    Both at Treasurechest on the Kids 4 and Scampixies pages respectively. 

    600 x 600 - 195K
    600 x 600 - 453K
    600 x 600 - 338K
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  • MilosGulanMilosGulan Posts: 1,439
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    Thank You, Kids 4 outfits are great, I will have to make some renders with them. I am just not sure about Gumdrops, what figures do I need, it is a bit confusing for me if someone could explain it a bit :)

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  • trumarcartrumarcar Posts: 487

    Thank you!

    Gumdrops are by Lady Littlefox and you can get them from Renderosity - sorry if that is not what you were asking. The outfits and props included in the Gumdrops Egypt are self-contained, so you just need the Gumdrops figures to use them. Again, apologies if this is not what you meant - if I can help, let me know.

  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 8,522

    You can get the Gumdrops in the DAZ 3D Store too.

  • MilosGulanMilosGulan Posts: 1,439

    I mean I am not sure what figures do I need:

    Now I can see that they are PC+ items and here they go:

    I think this is the base

    Now there is more and I am not sure if they are all separate base characters

    My dilemma is if there is one base figure and if the others are optional or do I have to get them all to be able to work with Gumdrops.




  • Candy is the base figure (your first link). You don't need the other figures in your links to work with Gumdrops.

    Thanks trumarcar for another wonderful freebie!

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