Getting Hair to Attach/Dock to Head

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Hi fellow DS users,

I recently purchased 4.2 Victoria Base, Morphs++ and Aiko 4 and then today purchased Aspasia Hair and Gregoria Hair because I saw that these will fit compatible with Aiko 4.

I load up DS pro 4.6, load up Aiko 4 base, go to my either one of the two hair products and although they appear on the scene with Aiko 4, the hair is not attached/docked to the head. I have to manually adjust the hair using the gizmo tool to fit the hair properly on the head... very annoying.

The problem is escerbated when I then put the Aiko 4 base into a reclining pose and the hair is left suspended in mid-air.

Is there way to dock the hair to the head?

Here are the links to the products: order to demonstrate that they are compatible with Aiko 4.

I thank you in advance for your expertise, knowledge and willingness to help and share with new DS users like myself and others.


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    If you have the Aiko 4 character selected in the scene tab you should be able to double click the hair and it will fit to the character. You should also be able to drag the hair from your content library and hold it over the figure. A popup box will appear and you can select Fit To... the name of the figure.

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    Thanks for the response. I dragged the hair to the model and the menu does appear where I selected "Fit To...." and it places the hair in an unmovable state as desired but, the hair is not atop of the head but rather covering her face. So I think it is a compatibility issue with morph.

    The hair works great with genesis, but trying to apply it to Aiko 4 or Barilecorn materials which overlays Aiko 4 its just a no go unfortunately.

    The disappointment is not worth crying over split milk or having buyer's remorse because again the hair very usable on genesis. It is just weird that the product description would say its compatible when it seems it may not be compatible. However trying to give the product the benefit of the doubt, it maybe I am ignorant of executing a proper step to make it work as described.

    If anyone else has input your comments would be most welcome. Thanks.

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    If you use FIT to and it fails to position the hair properly, do this. Open Parameters and Turn fit to off. Then in the scene tab select the Hair and move position it to the BEST you can. Use the Hairs Morphs to get the best head fit possible. Then PARENT the hair to the figures head.

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    Jaderail you are awesome!
    Your steps worked like a charm!

    I manual positioned the hair after turning off the autofit.
    I then set the hair's parent to the morphs head and bingo... I can now give her any pose and the hair conforms.
    Thank you very much. I appreciate your help and knowledge.

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    More than welcome. Happy Rendering.

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