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Figure 1 : although the image below was photoshoped

what i'll try to do tonight

( taking a short break from the Aiko3 crop-top )

is to write a script

which lets you stamp an image on a figure, in a WYSIWYG fashion


Figure 2,

create a Primitive plane
create a camera
parent the plane to the camera
zero the plane's transforms
so it's now "in my face"
moved the plane away along the Z axis
it's now in front of the camera
textured the plane with an image
made the surface slightly transparent
aimed the plane/picture at Aiko's shoulder
selected the shoulder's material


i'll leave the complicated but high-performance solutions for later

for tonight's trick, i just need to map the 4 corners of the stamp

so it wont be a distortion-free solution


figure 3, first experimental results with a 1000x1000 pixels map

we can see one of the issues for this low-processing-cost solution
the decals cant be applied across skin texture seams


figure 4

this time, we avoid crossing a texture seam
we use a 2000x2730 pixels map
but we can see the other issue with
this low-processing-cost solution
we use a 4 UV coordinate map and apply it to a thousands UV coordinates map
so we get very visible distortion

772 x 999 - 296K
480 x 314 - 15K
538 x 686 - 99K
538 x 686 - 54K
1280 x 720 - 148K
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    Figure 1 - my first ever script-applied decal

    for now i set this project aside

    and i'll complete the crop-top for Aiko3

    i'll be back in this thread in July or August


    technical details
    the decal was 200x200 pixels
    the source/destination texture was 2048x2730
    the script used the mcjCollider 4 times
    the processing time was ...16 seconds
    as a plugin it would be 1 second i guess
    , most of it for disk access


    Figure 2
    decal was sampled 1000x1000 times ( unfortunately the decal was just 200x100 )
    the source/destination texture was 4096x5460
    the script used the mcjCollider 4 times
    the processing time was ...6 minutes

    556 x 720 - 85K
    772 x 999 - 175K
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    amazing as always from you! watching with great interest!

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    Make that at least two of us!

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    Subscribing ...

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    Could you finish than script, it would be so awesome :) please, please

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