I asked before but forgot to check back as there's no notifications. Studio...is the only program I've ever had that starts up with an error about SQL CMS not connecting. Does it even need to seeing I work off line!? When it does this Studio only finds a fraction of installed objects. I have to reinstall both Studio and SQL pack to get it fully operational. That's doable - but I would have to leave the program open because as soon as I close it it reverts back to error mode needing yet another reinstall. I seem to have ongoing issues with both Studio and Hex! 


  • DS uses a local connection with PostgreSQL to handle the Content Management System database. This has nothing to do with being onlne, it's purely communication between two applications on your local machine. There can be issues if you shut down a different application (such as Install Manager) that uses PostgreSQL just before starting DS (or vice versa); there can also be permission issues if you have run DS (or Install Manager) as administrator; and of course there can be conflicts with security software, depending on what you use.

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