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Hi!!! must be stonehead, but I can't figure ohow to add "digital painters brushes" set, to the brush to paint in 3d!! thank you for help!!!


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    Are you trying to stall DP3D Paint Brushes Sampler for Carrara?

    You need to change the name of a folder after you install it so it will work correctly.

    Change the folder DP3DPaintBrushesSampler

    located in your Program folder at


    to DP3DPaintBrushes

    so the renamed folder will look location wise like this now.


    You’ll do the a similar fix if you install them in 8.5.

    If you chose to make a NPR Render you can chose to use on the sampler brushes. The sampler will be found in DP3DPPaintBrushes which will be given as a list of Brush Categories..

    The sampler brushes are all from the DigitalPainters 3DPaint Brushes (sku: 8386) product so if you did buy that you don't need to install the sampler brushes.

    The Digital Painters 3DPaint Brushes product the brushes are from doesn't have the problem the sampler has. So you don't need to do anything after you install that.

    If your wondering why the folder needs to be changed to fix things for the sampler. It is because Carrara looks in the folder for the DP3DPaintBrushes for the jpg for the brush when you go to use it to paint, but can't find the folder.

    The folder DP3DPaintBrushes folder is also where the DigitalPainters 3DPaint Brushes (sku: 8386) installer installs files by the way.

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    Thanks for the post Jay.


    Ringo Monfort

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    Yes. Thank you, Jay!
    Addeda brand new category, "Features" in the Forum Help Links index, just to have a good category to put this in. Hey Celmar... Thanks for asking!

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