Winners Announced: The 2013 Stonemason Catalogue Contest

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before announcing the winners I wanted to mention a few stand out images for me,it was very difficult choosing a winner..and I'm very grateful to all who entered,so big thank's to everyone!

'Mech render'.lots of fun looking at this one,I love seeing the bot scaled even smaller and working away to repair the mech,and the floater bot freebie too..a little hard to read initialy as the composition feels a bit noisy, where your other image could be read easily at a glance,had some cool postfx too.nice work!

good use of a difficult model,this sci-fi corridor is often limited in scope, so I apprecciated the surreal twist on yours.. plus,good storytelling.

the sketchy look works really well in this,not overdone at all which is so easy to do with sketch renderers/filters ,composition is very nice too ..leading the eye comfortably around the image

wow,that looks like it would've taken ages to setup!..well done, it's so nice to see the city environments populated

fun image..very cool!

David Brinnen:
very polished, very Bryce guys had a great showing in the challenge..Bryce aint dead yet :)

your bot reading the book image was beautiful,it's also been my desktop wallpaper for the last week ..thanks, the lighting,storytelling,composition..all spot on!..your other entry was perfect too!,hope to see you rendering many more images using my models in the future!

pretty cool image Matty,colors and bright lighting is working well...gotta say I'm always just as curious to see how you'll sign each image as I'm about seeing them

I really loved your image,converting the courtyard to a pool is a pretty sweet idea, and oddly enough works quite well,well done! very creative

that's some pretty cool depth of field in the ministry image & judging by your other image you seem to go for views others rarely render from

your vilage courtyard reder has some great lighting in it.. and I like the overgrown look

TheSavage64: the dalek pic made me smile..nice one!

these types of images are so cool...much fun was had figuring out what each model was

you sure do like those snowy images..I loved the cinematic view of urban future

epic,love the whiteout /desaturatedlook,,a great showcase of the greeble city blocks

a beautiful nature render,the vibrant colors and lighting is very well one,botrh you and MelanieL had some renders using enchanted forest

Dire Bunny:
the background in this looks awesome,very cinematic..I'd almost prefer it without the figures and cropped to a widescreen format

your troll image is very cool,nice storytelling

always feel like i'm falling over looking at your fish eye view of urban future,nice work! ..if only it were populated like Redhorse's entry

such a vibrant image,has a great anime feel to it..the chromatic abberation is a bit strong..but still a cool image.your other entry has some great action going on!

loved your view of urban future4,the blown out lighting worked quite well

the stonemason yard was many little details,had fun looking at this one!

awesome composition on both entries, you lead the eye really easily through the image ..very well done!

a rather mundane subject matter, but executed very well ..I liked this images composition a lot (btw,you would've placed 7th overall ,you should feel proud )

two cool entries ,,you have a good eye for composition

as always, a great eye for color and atmosphere! were a crowd fave in the public voting !

so...the winners are

1st Place goes to : Laticis (The Stonemason Complete DAZ3D catalogue,115 models!)
2nd Place goes to : Geminii232 (Any 30 models from the Stonemason catalogue)
3rd Place goes to: xmasrose2 (Any 20 models from the Stonemason catalogue)
4th Place goes to: Wirenut2 (Any 10 models from the Stonemason catalogue)
5th Place goes to :barbult (Any 5 models from the Stonemason catalogue)
6th Place goes to: kjngrafix2 (Any 3 models from the Stonemason catalogue)

The public voting results are:

1st Place goes to: Isikol (any 30 models from the Stonemason catalogue)
2nd Place goes to: scorpio64dragon (Any 5 models from the Stonemason catalogue )
3rd Place goes to: Rawart (Any 3 models from the Stonemason catalogue)

well done guys, big thanks for some outstanding entries ..I will send out PM's tomorrow so we can get the models delivered

should mention Laticis came first in the public voting too,but since Laticis got first overall I bumped Isikol up to the 1st position

& now..I think, I can go back to working on urban sprawl3 :)


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