New Users Contest - May 2013

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Sponsored by DAZ 3D

Are you new to the 3D World? Are you at the beginning stages of learning 3D rendering? Have you been around for a little bit but feel you could benefit from some feedback or instruction? Have you been around awhile and would like to help other members start their creative journey? Well then come and join the fun as we host our newest contest…
“3D Lights & Magic”

In creating a great looking render, light is at least 50% of the task. You can make any great looking prop of figure look flat and dull with the wrong light, and you can make a good looking figure or prop look absolutely fantastic with the right light.
Intent: To create a scene where lighting is used in clever ways to really make the scene look fantastic.
This months sponsor is ART Collaborations, store: (bundles excluded)

I will be checking in on the WIP THREAD as will the rest of the Community Volunteers to try and help with anything you all may need.
For a list of the current contest rules, please see this thread:

A list of tutorials regarding lighting and how to set it up.
DAZ Studio 4:
DAZ Studio 3:
When working on your submissions, if you would like to get feedback as you work or before posting your final image, please post your image to the WIP THREAD. People will be popping in to theWIP THREAD to give you some critique and advice on your entry and help along the way. Please keep all comments on entries etc to the WIP THREAD as well because comments or requests for help/feedback/advice will be removed from the contest thread and merged into theWIP THREAD. This thread is only for posting final contest submissions.
For those veterans of the forums that would like to help, because this contest is designed for the beginner to learn from, we will be randomly selecting posts offering helpful tips and/or critiques to receive a special voucher as well so whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring one, there is fun for everyone!

Closing Date: May 31th 2013

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  • Llan the WandererLlan the Wanderer Posts: 11
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    Hi to everyone,

    Below is my first contribution to a contest. I hope it is not too bad. It has been done with DAZ 3D Studio 4.5.

    The scene is called Light my fire in memory of a well known song. :-)

    494 x 658 - 89K
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  • ExperimenterExperimenter Posts: 153
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    This is my first pic for the Maycontest.
    It is called "Dark Mood".
    I only used DazStudio 4.5
    Postwork: I shrinked the Picture from 1050x1729 to 486x800

    486 x 800 - 254K
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  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 3,764
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    Have decided that my first entry for the contest has earned the right to be put up in the right thread :) I also want to give hugs and loads of thanks for all the advice I've gotten, even if I have probably not been able to follow all of them. *smiles and showers everyone with hugs*

    Without further wait, I present to you...

    Moment of Thoughts

    Products used:

    Basic female genesis model

    Winter rose skin, default make up

    Modern bed 2 + 2 extra pillows

    Aldora Hair

    Lacy Underwear for genesis (by Pusey Design, picked up at )

    3 bookshelves (2 of them acting as the bedside table)

    1 vase (freebie, not sure where I picked it up)

    1 tumbler glass (same as with the vase)

    1 Pane (primitive) as floor with a wood pattern on.

    2 panes (primitives) as walls with a picture resembling old paper

    Lights used:

    UE - highest quality - HDR Studio - color Eggshell ( 252 230 201 ) - Intensity 65%

    DistantLight - color Eggshell ( 252 230 201 ) - light intensity 45% - Shadow softness 0.15% - Raytraced

    SpotLight 1 - color Eggshell ( 252 230 201 ) - light intensity 25% - Shadow softness 55% - Raytraced

    SpotLight 2 - color Eggshell ( 248 199 152 ) - light intensity 35% - Shadow softness 30% - Raytrace

    Only postwork that is done is adding my name, which I did in Paint Shop Pro


    800 x 800 - 55K
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    Title: Crypt

    Lights: Four Spot Lights and Three Linear Point Lights

    Effects: AoA Volume Camera

    Postwork: None

    800 x 565 - 291K
  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 3,764
    edited May 2013

    Time to post my second entry into this contest :) Again a very very big thanks and bonecrushing hugs to all of you that helped me curing the creation of this one. This one has made curse and almost scream in frustration but also made me learn so much along the way, that I wouldn't go back and have any of it undon even if I could :)

    Puppy Love

    Products used:

    Genesis basic female

    Magus shorts


    Aldora hair

    DAZ Pup LE

    Millenium Enviroment

    5 LB Tall Grass

    3 LB Coleus

    LB Oak

    5 LB Daylily


    Lights used:

    UberEnvironement: color: 248 199 152 Intensity: 75%

    DistantLight: color: 248 199 152 Intensity: 100% Shadow softness: 1%

    spot 1: color: 248 199 152 Intensity: 60% spread angle: 70 Shadow softness: 10%

    spot 2: color: 248 199 152 Intensity: 50% spread angle: 70 Shadow softness: 5%

    spot 3: color: 248 199 152 Intensity: 75% spread angle: 60 Shadow softness: 15%

    spot 4: color: 248 199 152 Intensity: 65% spread angle: 90 Shadow softness: 5%

    spot 5: color: 255 255 255 Intensity: 60% spread angle: 70 Shadow: None

    Edit: Oh and postwork is in Paint Shop Pro, only added my name and the date of the picture :)

    800 x 800 - 115K
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  • cbgamer6cbgamer6 Posts: 0
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    The Prime Healer

    1 UberLight & 4 SpotLights

    Edited with GIMP

    790 x 515 - 122K
  • Llola LaneLlola Lane Posts: 6,963
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    Rendered for the DAZ New User's Contest - May 2013, “3D Lights & Magic” member challenge


    I was out in the garden today taking photographs of my flowers so I decided to give myself a light challenge... USE ONLY 1 LIGHT to spotlight a single flower! I aimed the spotlight at the center carnation. I added a plain backdrop very close to the vase and am quite happy with the results. :)

    LIGHT: Spotlight = Intensity 150%... Spread Angle 60.0... Shadow is Raytraced... Softness 18.0... Shadow Bias 1.0

    ITEMS USED: Lisa's Botanicals - Carnation (vase made transparent 60% and tinted green), Rocks N Drops Fantasy Scene Kit (backdrop B made white)

    Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.5… signature postwork done in Paint Shop Pro 7


    768 x 768 - 234K
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  • Llola LaneLlola Lane Posts: 6,963
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    Rendered for the DAZ New User's Contest - May 2013, “3D Lights & Magic” member challenge


    I've been playing with this idea for a while and decided it was about time I finished it for this challenge. Sticking with my USE ONLY 1 LIGHT idea... I used only a PointLight above the center candle IN the flame. (the center candle is the only "real" candle...the others are reflections in the mirrors) I added 3 mirrored black planes very close to the candle (one as floor and 2 angled in to the sides).

    LIGHT: PointLight = Intensity 5.0%... Color 252 254 201... Shadow is Raytraced... Softness 0.0... Shadow Bias 8.0

    ITEMS USED: Candle Collection (Candle 1), Fire and Smoke for DAZ Studio (Jet Fire as flame with some tweeks), My own 3 BLACK mirrored planes

    Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.5… signature postwork done in Paint Shop Pro 7


    800 x 800 - 139K
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  • DigitalMirrorsDigitalMirrors Posts: 0
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    Daz 4.6
    Daz Horse 2
    Millenium Cat
    Barn Yard
    Atmospheric Effects
    3 Distance Lights

    800 x 484 - 78K
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  • kittenwyldekittenwylde Posts: 151
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    Title: Unseen World
    Software Used: DAZ Studio 4.5, LuxRender via Luxus
    Lighting: one tiny little point light set at 10 watts

    800 x 800 - 241K
  • PschelfhPschelfh Posts: 261
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    Title : 'Scary Story'
    Software : DAZ Studio 4.5 + PSP
    Lights : UE2 / 10 x Uberpoint lights / 3 x Spotlights

    *Wrong Version posted* Please see my thread on page 2.


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  • NeilrNeilr Posts: 69
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    It took me some doing as I have not worked with fire light or luxrender much but I think I like the results.

    Title: The Relic
    Software: DAZ 4.5 and Luxrender
    Lights: 2 point lights and 2 area lights

    EDIT- reformatted the picture to jpg and corrected the size.

    800 x 614 - 177K
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  • keshkesh Posts: 0
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    Hi folks,

    here is my submission, entitled "Rock & Troll" ^^
    daz studio 4.6 and Luxrender

    only postworking to resize the image to 800x800 jpg (original render was exported as a 1200x1200 tif)
    if it's also considered as postworking, added a very slight bloom and glare in luxrender panels, and tweaked the film response in there.

    The scene setup is quite basic: one character (with custom shaping morphs...) and two props for floor and back mirror wall.

    Used just three light sources: two area lights on the front/sides of the character, (one purple-ish and one pale yellow-green) and a strong blue spotlight at floor level, pointed at the character from his back/side.

    I definitely love luxrender's possibility to tweak light (groups) intensity and color while rendering. That surely saves a lot of test renderings!

    800 x 800 - 259K
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  • IlenaIlena Posts: 244
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    The ride
    Done in Carrara 8 with some postwork

    1333 x 1000 - 437K
  • NeilrNeilr Posts: 69
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    I wanted to add a character to my entry and since I am allowed two pics I thought I would submit this one.

    Title: Battles Eve
    Software: Daz Studio with Luxrender

    800 x 614 - 167K
  • hawkonthewinghawkonthewing Posts: 136
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    Title: Guardian Elephants

    Software: Daz 4.5 Pro

    Lights-one uber-environment in dark blue/grey, one linear point light in the night light.

    Suggestions are welcome, I'm trying to get more of a handle on what the software can do.

    400 x 400 - 46K
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  • keshkesh Posts: 0
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    My second submission.

    Please don't take it as an offence... the nasty fella doesn't like to be taken pictures of!!! ;)

    Title: Nasty little bastard

    Daz studio and luxrender. Only sky and sunlight (distant light), plus the character. Nails made into emitting surfaces, turned to almost 0 in luxrender.

    Postwork: resizing to 800x800 jpg, manual elimination of 6-7 'fireflies'.

    Image removed by mod for profanity

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  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,693
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    Title: Lost In Thought

    Program: DAZ Studio
    Riley/Naoki/Kaylee/Keira (100% Riley with up to 30% others)
    Ship, sea gull, and cannon from Skull Cove. (Sea gull flew off.)
    Water: Made it. Woot!
    Genesis Hooded Cloak

    one distant light- left
    2 spotlights
    2 point lights

    800 x 660 - 279K
  • Tarina KiviTarina Kivi Posts: 488
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  • PschelfhPschelfh Posts: 261
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    I just saw I submitted a wrong version (I had made 4 post processed versions), so please disregard my first entry! Sorry about this.

    'Scary Story'


    1650 x 1050 - 530K
  • keshkesh Posts: 0
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    So here he is again, after a small accident, ready to crush whoever stands in his path ;)

    Again, custom morphed model, luxrender using tweaked sky and sun (distant light).

    Title: "nasty little bastard 2"

    800 x 800 - 268K
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    My submission for this month's Light & Magic Beginner's Contest is as follows:

    Title: Evil Is As Evil Does

    Software Used: DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro
    Rendered: 3Delight
    Postwork: NONE ~ Art name/copyright placed via Gimp 2.6

    Lights Created & Used:
    I created 4 point lights - 2 for each of the candles used & 2 for each of Jepe's spell effects at the demon's hands. I also created 1 spot light and parented it to a camera, placed it behind the stained glass window and translated it up to make it shine down onto the window to act as a "full moon" outside. I used Core Lighting 1, light 2 to illuminate the "interior" of my scene and lowered the intensity.

    Products used (in case anyone is curious about any of the items):
    V4: (Vex/Sabby's Sherry for head & body morph, Kaleya's Mystaria for face makeup & Lilah for body texture & tattoos)
    Woodland Dream Hair, DMR Totem Tales, Black Kitty, Kaleya's Webs for Black Kitty (Freebie), DMR Lynette's Dark Nights ~
    Luthbel's Night World Fallen ~ Dagon for Fallen ~ Fog Tool Deluxe III ~ DMR Lynette's Dark Rites ~ Jepe's ElementZ II ~
    Jepe's GraphicZ II ~ Jepe's PlateZ II ~ Jaderail's awesome Golden Rule guideplate

    566 x 800 - 307K
  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,540
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    The contest is now closed.

    You have all done a great job making great art.

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 12,308
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    The winners are

    1st - Crypt by bluemoon
    2nd - Moment of Thoughts by carola.ottosson
    HM - Lost in Thought by Novica

    Congratulation to everyone. Will the winners please contact me by PM with a link to your choice of product from ARTCollaborations store(Excluding Bundles). You will also need to give your email that is attached to your DAZ account so the prizes can be added to your account

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  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,314
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    Congratulations, everyone! You all did great work.

  • JaderailJaderail Posts: 0
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    Well done one and all. Congratulations to the winners.

  • NovicaNovica Posts: 23,693
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    I'm delighted for the Honorable Mention! Thanks so much to the sponsor, ARTCollaborations. And to the first and second place winners, well deserved! The other renders were strong contenders, glad I didn't have to judge!

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  • Carola OCarola O Posts: 3,764
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    huh? what? erhm.. *blush* thank you. Bot hto the judges and to all those that helped out during the contest *smiles*

    and grats to Bluemoon and Novica :)


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  • keshkesh Posts: 0
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    Congrats to all!

    More congrats to the winners ^^

  • Joe CotterJoe Cotter Posts: 3,258
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    Congratulations to everyone who participated :)

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