Beginners 3D modelling. Easy 3D Coins. 3D Modelling Tutorial.

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How to make 3D coins. A beginners tutorial and a gentle introduction to 3D modelling. Encourage yourself as a 3D modeller with this easy tutorial.

I've included this simple tutorial because up until about 2 years ago I always though modelling would be too difficult. Once you've created something anything, I'm sure you'll get the modelling bug, and your animations or scenes will benefit greatly by looking more unique.

I searched around Google for free 3d models of coins and struggled to find any. In fact I struggled to even find one you could pay for!

This prompted me to ask the question "would it be so difficult to make some?".

Fortunately the answer is - it IS easy to make your own 3D coins. Best of all you can make them for FREE along with a Royalty free picture of a coin.

For more tutorials please go to

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    Great timing! Just came across some coin images the other day that I was thinking to model ... and was wondering about the how to in Carrara :-)

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    I thought "there must be other people with the same dilemma as me" - hence the tutorial.

    I don't suppose these are royalty free images are they? Can you share the link?


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    I didn't keep the specific link although as I recall it was a free, royalty free stock image. I started with an image search such as "click here" to find "possibilities".

    Then as is recommended procedure, check on the website for any legalize as to usage/permissions.

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    Thanks. Agreed always check the permissions.

    A client of a friend of mine actually got stung on that once.

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    Awesome! Keep these rolling in Steve!
    The forum seems a bit quiet here, lately... but you'll see it pick up.
    Added this to your Ever-Growing Tutorials Index, as usual :)

    Thanks for these!

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