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Before I messed up and deleted the whole scene, I was working with some cube primitives, creating a windowed outer wall for a character to look out of. The default surface is flat white; I would like to color it something other than white. Perhaps if I had a JPG of bricks, I could use that... but how?

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    Firstly a useful tip when working with primitives: make sure you have enough segments to work with later.

    There are several ways you can work with primitives. The simplest of them is to simply click on it with the surface selection tool and, under the surfaces tab, assign a texture to the diffuse color. You can at this point add displacement, bump and other handy maps to make it really pop out. Of course, this will cover the whole primitive in the same texture and may not be exactly what you're after. Which brings me to...

    The polygon selection tool can be a godsend for working with primitives. It allows you to select individual parts of the primitive and assign them to their own surface. This means that one cube, for example, could have each face using a different texture or colour. Having segments is vital to getting the most out of this tool though, as you'll need polygons to select. Make your selection with the left mouse button (CTRL+Click adds to a selection, ALT+Click removes from the selection) and then right click and go to Polygon Assignment -> Create Surface from selected. From there you just name it something meaningful and use it like any other surface.

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    This may help further Mr Greybeard

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    Wow! You did all that for me?

    Thanks Baldy :coolsmile:

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    No that was a friendly chap called neil that compiled all that excellent info.


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