How to generate INJ/REM? With Carrara or DS4.5?

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Trying to make a custom V4 character for some new Carrara character sets, thinking about a morph dialed body with a face that is either morphed or custom.
Either way, the C7 manual shows how to do the changes and save an OBJ, but nothing about making an INJ or REM for loading in both Carrara and Daz Studio (and Poser). Since INJ/REM files are Poser files, I guess Carrara cannot create these?

Googling around got me lots of old instructions, but I got Carrara 8 and DS 4.5 (not Poser yet) and not sure about buying Poser utilities for a single task. So far I got these:

-A custom tool:

-Something about ExP looks difficult and overkill:

-Poser and free CR2Editor:

So, what ways are there to make V4 INJ/REMs for Body and Face morphs with DS4.5 or Carrara?


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