Error when trying to import various content tab, error states a path n ot on my syst

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As the title says... I keep getting this error when i try to import various content via the smart content tab!
I am lost on how to resolve this, any ideas please ppl?

Thanks :)

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    I usually get that one if I open compressed projects (one reason I never compress them)
    when it comes to smart content and Daz studio saves, it usually needs fixing in Daz studio.
    Resetting metadata or any other number of hoops to jump through.
    my Smartcontent only started working yet again after coming and going when I installed Daz content manager DIM
    even so I only use it when absolutely needed (no duf file, dsa only) otherwise I import .duf content to avoid freeze up errors
    anything legacy (Poser format) I use the content browser.
    I save a lot of presets in .duf while in studio for this reason, importing with figure selected brings up the dialogue "would you like to apply it to the selected figure?" whereas selecting Genesis and using smart content I invarably get "an error has occured!".
    I have shader presets like V4 male and M5 uv with V4 face, lip nostril uv for my facegen men etc and others esp mixing uv's which you cannot do in Carrara.

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    That reply was real helpful Wendy, Cheers ;)

    It does seem to do this more with compressed files so I will follow your lead and NOT compress :P
    Kind of you to help out and I am grateful as always, Thank you :)

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