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Hi all, Been away for a while but starting to refocus on life!

I am using M5 (heroic) in C8.5 (latest build) and have decided to learn about SSS. Why would M5 turn black when applying the M5 SSS preset? This happens in the viewport and render..What render settings would i need to use with SSS on? Just thought I would ask here while I look around for a decent tut on SSS. Sadly, I cant find the installed documents on it!

On a side note: whats best the method for converting aniblocks designed for M4 to M5? (in Daz studio or Carrara) I tried loading some M4 aniblocks on M5 (aniMate Martial Arts For M4 Bundle) but they deform M5`s shoulders/arms & chest area (not being designed for M5,lol) just thought it was worth giving it a shot!

Thanks :)

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    What is the SSS M5 preset? Is that part of a Carrara optimized shader, a Daz Studio or a Poser Shader? If it's some kind of image map, Carrara doesn't easily load image maps into the SSS shader channel. Noter: I don't have any flavor of Carrara 8, so things could have changed.

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    assuming this is a POSER shader Carrara will not load all elements from a complex Poser shader to Carrara's shader tree. You may need to start with a simpler preset, then build up in Carrara by adding the extra maps manually into their appropriate locations.

    Carrara's SSS does not accept an image map directly, but there is a workaround by creating a MULTI CHANNEL MIXER where you can mix two shader trees together based on a third "blender" shader. The SSS map would go in the blender shader slot... Your two shaders would probably be identical character shaders, but one has SSS turned on and the other off (or with much lower SSS settings).

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    Having had some time away from Carrara (3D in general, due to kids, life, etc..you know how it is people!) I forgot the basics :P
    I wish Carrara would NOT show files that are not compatible with Carrara in the `smart` content tab !!!
    Thanks for the helpful info regarding the work around Holly and thank you both for replying :)

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