Bug - Young Teen Justin + Duke hair = bizarre hair coming from around eyes

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The lower bangs go abruptly into the forehead & come out around the eyes. No amount of adjustment seems to fix it. The only work-around that seems to work is to un-fit the hair, position it manually, and then parent it to the head without fitting. I've tried this on both of my computers now, & it happens on both of them.

Do you know about this, & is there a fix?

Thanks, Don

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  • SafeunderdarkSafeunderdark Posts: 0
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    I had the same problem with another set of hair.

    Do you also have the problem if you change something about the pose of Justin, it takes more time to update the preview ?

    Do you have the same problem if you put the hair on Julie ?

    I have a feeling something not right with Justin, that why I'm asking.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 88,627
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    That's probably because the hair is picking up on the morphs used to shape the head - if that is the issue, go to the Parametrs pane and right-click on its tab, then select Show Hidden Properties; click the Used group to limit the number of morphs showing and you should see the morphs generated by DS in grey; try zeroing those until you find the one that is causing the hair problem (ctrl-z to restore any that are needed to get the hair to fit).

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    Thanks. Setting PHMHideOuterLashes to zero fixed it. That's a little easier than what I was doing before.

    Safeunderdark: No, I don't get the problem when I put this hair on Julie unless I morph her into Justin. Not my favorite hairstyle for girls though... :P

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    Lol ChiMakwa,

    that wasn't my idea either :lol:

    I have found some more strange things with Justin.

    Posing is getting really slow, adjusting often takes about 10 - 15 seconds for the preview to update.
    as for Julie I don't have no problems and posing is fast, preview almost instant updates when you change a setting.

    Still not sure what the cause is, thanks for testing this.

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    Hmm... I wonder if for now it would be better to use Julie for the boys and only apply the Justin morphs after they're posed? I think it's just the sliders under male & female in the actor morphs and then the materials that make the difference. I'll try doing that myself and see if it speeds things up. I have noticed a serious drag since I started using Justin, but I figured it was just more complex than other figures, & I'm using the newest & more fancy clothes & accessories on him. (Besides, my video card isn't really powerful enough to be using DS in the first place, so I'm kinda used to the slow posing and occasional crashes.)

    Mostly what I do with DS is make video cards & cartoons for my nephews, and I haven't used Julie enough to notice a difference yet.

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 88,627
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    Justin and Julie are the same figure, so that shouldn't make any difference to performance.

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    Justin and Julie are the same figure, so that shouldn't make any difference to performance.

    But it does make some sort of difference. I only get the bug with Duke hair with the Justin figure, not Julie. But when I use the controls to remove the Julie shape and add any amount of the Justin morph, that's when I get the bug. I don't know whether that can have an effect on speed (probably not, I'm guessing) - I'm really a rank amateur, and I only understand probably 1/4 of what DS actually does. But it tells me that there's at least one meaningful difference between the two.

    Overall I'm really pleased with them though. I've been able to make pretty accurate representations of my two nephews (7 & 9) with Justin, adding just a bit of the Sam morph to give them a more fun appearance. My family has been really impressed with the likeness, especially of Nikolas (the 7 year-old). I also add a bit of the Basic Child morph, but I think they like looking older than they are. :-)

    I've attached my rendering of them below. Nikolas is on the left & Alexander is on the right. I'm experimenting with combining two hairstyles on each of them to better match their own hair. (Color matching is tricky with my awful color vision!) Nik wanted a "2" on his shirt, and it had to have two stripes on the sleeve! Photoshop to the rescue!

    BTW, I seriously appreciate all of the excellent tutorials you guys provide. I just don't have a whole lot of time to go through them. In fact, I appreciate your whole business model, where you give away the basic software and then sell the add-ons, allowing people like me to advance in 3D modeling & animation as a hobby, at our own pace. Thanks for all that!

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    ChiMakwa said:
    Thanks. Setting PHMHideOuterLashes to zero fixed it. That's a little easier than what I was doing before.

    Safeunderdark: No, I don't get the problem when I put this hair on Julie unless I morph her into Justin. Not my favorite hairstyle for girls though... :P

    Hello. I had the same problem as you guys. However, just setting PHMHideOuterLashes to zero didn't quite fix the problem for me. For me, I had to put FBMJustin, PHMBoyLashes, and PHMHideOuterLashes all to zero percent. I then put FBMJulie to 50.9 percent to resize the hair to the proper size to fit Justin. And, the FBMJulie option didn't show up until after I morphed Genesis to Julie first, and then back to Justin. . . . I just realized while typing this that some readers may not have the Julie character. In that case I suppose you would just have to hand-scale the hair back up to fit.

    Hope this is helpful for at least some people!

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    Hi Safeunderdark

    if you feel difference interval for the preview to update when pozing,
    it seems which wear you used for boy and girls.
    and setting of wear. (if it is different sorry ^^;)

    when ds update preview, usually , ds automodified auto fitted items to fit to curernt pozing .
    (that means the items has been set Smoothing modifier, and they may different about setting )

    when you pozing you may check every wear which fit to genesis,
    then check off "Enable Smoothing" it may help you lot.

    after you pozed,, check on then auto modified.

    (I think the difference of interval time may depend on how the clothing or hair setted,
    Smoothing iterations, and collison itaretions)

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    I feel,, I make some new user confuse,,, ^^;

    So,, I correct and summarize I wrote.
    sorry about editting few times.

    1 apply Justin character duf,

    2 it set FBMjustin value 1.

    3 FBMjustin link with two eyelush morphs and genesis scale by ERC.

    two eye lash morphs and genesis scale change .

    4 Hair fit to Justin

    5 FBMjustin and two eyelash morph are auto generated to the hair witch fit to genesis.

    6 but generated morphs of hair not linked each other.

    7 so that we can tweak each generated morph sepalately.

    about Julie,,

    1 apply Julie character duf,

    2 it set FBMJulie value 1.

    3 FBMjulie have no link with eye lush morphs value.

    so that eyelash morphs are not generated to the Hair.

    if I apply only FBMJustin ,, (But need to off link with eye lush morphs)
    it can never generate eye lush morphs to clothings.

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    for other user who will serch and find this topic,

    I record quick 5 step pictures how corrected Duke hair with Justin . (As richard and many guys said already).%-P

    about generated FBMJustin defomation, I hope not touch it, but apply smooth modifier then weak the effect,
    seems best for me

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  • ThorneThorne Posts: 160
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    DAZ has been contacted about this problem so hopefully a fix soon :)

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