Toon materials for Sheriwyn Hair

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An older hair prop, but I just bought it and love it. I've been doing a toon thing lately, and so I toonified it. I dunno; maybe others might find this useful too.

Download: Toon Materials for Sheriwyn Hair (DS3.1 + and Poser 6 +)

More info/previews here.

I don't own Poser so I can't test the pz2 files, but surface settings may need adjusting. I used tiling on a couple of the stone mats -- alt and red -- and that'll probably need to be fixed, since the tiling settings didn't convert. Let me know if there are any other problems.

Oh, and the only other thing I should note is that since they're toony, the effect is meant to look toony and chunky. Not using the transmaps that come with the prop, though of course you can always reapply them if you want.

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