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This is where we post, and only post, entries for the currently running RRRR Alternative Holidays Render Contest.

You enter your tag, image name, the image and up to 100 words of text (lines is a stupid concept as it depends on if you're on a 15" or 30" screen).


Tag: Richard#01
Watermelon crawl weekend
The first weekend in August, the villagers of the small village St Forgettien in Brazil crushes fifty trucks of water melons on the main street with a bulldozer, then everyone crawls the  main street and the winner get a chocolate watermelon filled with burbon.



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    Founders' Day Bicentennial 
    In the small republic of Orkansonia the Founders' Day Bicentennial celebration is very important, so important that the founding fathers and mothers have been preserved cryogentically so that they can be awakened every 100 years to take part in the festivities. Through the centuries as the holiday parades became longer and longer and  more and more boring, the founders asked to please be awakened after the parade.

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    Green Eggs and Ham

    Theodor Geisel Day, traditionally recognized as occurring on March 2, is celebrated in early March all over the world.  Even so, there are some who still refuse to partake the traditional breakfast of green beer, green eggs and ham, as we see here… “I do not like green eggs and ham!  I do not like them, Sam I Am!!”

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    The CERN Hadron Collider Annual Bear Beer Run

    Every year on March 14, in memory of the birth of Albert Einstein, the students and reseachers at CERN makes a race along the Hadron Collider Tunnel with a glass of beer in the hand. Along the sides a huges colorful inflated bears flled with a gas compound. As they run random bursts of electrons in the collider, the bears will randomly move, hitting the runners hard, as the magnetic field effects them. 

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    Sara Connor Day

    On August 29, women all around the USA, dressed in post apocalyptical clothes, gather at old cold war nuclear sites and fire different weapons at terminator like mockups to celebrate that Sara Connor stopped SkyNet from becoming a reality.

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    Unofficial First Contact Day
    First Contact with an alien species occurred in July of 2032  in the wilds of southwestern Idaho when a scouting party from Quobos in the Gluon System crash-landed due to inebriation. The Quobians shared some of their potent brew with the locals, who found it to their liking. The aliens found that they also appreciated the Earth brews that were shared with them. Word got around the galaxy and every year or so, usually on July 13th (this gets confused with years not being the same everywhere) alien species from the backwaters of the galaxy land at Carl's Pride, Utah to celebrate.

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    Title: Annual Afterlife Of The Party Day

    On June 23rd -- an otherwise nondescript calendar day -- in some parts of the United States it is tradition for cities to throw enormous block parties in which guests from the Afterlife are invited to celebrate with the living.  It is by far the busiest business day for Portals-Are-Us technicians, spirit mediums, and apocalyptic prophets, rivaling even Halloween in its profitability for such entrepreneurs.


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    Hindenburg Memorial day 

    On May 6. The people of the town of Manchester in New Jersey flock down at the piers to celebrate the Hindenburg Memorial Day, some even dressed in clothes from yesteryear.

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    Bad Sushi!

    Goldilocks had it down to a science… she waited for Dystopia - Ciudad del Diablo Sister Cities Day… she broke into the bears castillo… she passed up the first sushi as too warm and the second as too cold and headed straight to the third plate… but if it was just right then why was she so sick and seeing such strange hallucinations??

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    Dozenian Roswell Alien Abduction Festival

    Celebrating the first documented alien abduction of American citizens, in Roswell, New Mexico, in June 1851, people gather for a dozenian (every 12th year) ceremony with the Aliens. The women dance and hope that one day they will trade places with Lizzie, Katie or Suzanna who are in space now. The women put on makeup and dresses like 1851, and the men dressed as cowboys and stand guard to prevent any incidents by party crashing outsiders. Occasional ufologists will be invited to attend under a strict NDA. On the 8th dozenian celebration, a fatal accident occurred involving the aliens.

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    Dog Daze

    The first week of august is celebrated as the Dog Daze of Summer.  In Dogtown the week is given over to the enjoyment of the dogs.  Everything a dog could desire is given to them.  Special meals are prepared and doggie bags provided.  Extra fire hydrants and toilets are brought out for their enjoyment.  Even Timmy volunteers for the Dunk Timmy in the Well Game to make up for all the times he caused Lassie so much grief trying to rescue him.  And, of course, as part of the week, all tormenting cats are flown out of town.

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    Railroad Rodent Roundup Day

    Every year the residents of Hamelin, Oklahoma celebrate the day the Pied Piper divested their sister city of Rats in 1284. On Railroad Rodent Roundup Day they attempt to remove all the rats and mice that invaded their railway system in the past 12 months. Having no musical talent to lure the rodents away, the modern Hamelin residents resort to burlap bags for their catch and release program. This year, the release part came a little too early and unexpectedly.

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    Armistice Day
    Before John and Sarah Conner, in another time and place, maybe long ago, the first (well, maybe not the first, first) wars against intelligent machines were waged. Without enough real firepower to decimate each other, both sides grew weary after many, many years of struggle and strife. Peace talks took place and, with eyes and hopes turned toward a peaceful coexistence, an armistice was reached. Large and joyous celebrations took place on the Armistice anniversary for the next six years. Then, tragically, AI archduke Fleezle was assassinated and it started all over again.

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    Second Amendment Day
    When it was brought to the attention of the One Hundred-Fifteenth United States Congress that European countries had more holidays that the US, it was decided to add a new one - Second Amendment Day. And so throughout the countrysides every June 26th, freedom rings loudly as the right to bear arms is celebrated with righteous enthusiasm.

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    Shaving Day

    In memory of the vikings, who shaved off their winter beards at the spring equinox, the Royal family in great Britain started hold a Gods shave the King festival, that later turned into God save the King. Now, having a Queen on the throne for so long, the traditions still continues.

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    National Gingerbread Day

    Chisty and Mark finished dancing around the Spring toys to celebrate the sweetiest Gingerbread there ever was on Planet Marcus!! Dornia was showing off her martial arts movements while the Springy herd jumped around her moves in her own celebration. The lonely Rocking Horse just stay as still as he could not interupt the celebration with his speedy moves back and forth.

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    Ruler's Rest, Relaxation and Romance Days
    Finding his new job of ruling quite difficult, Prince Derek declared his birthday week a national holiday for himself, a time when he could let go of his worries about running the country.

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    Roast a politician day

    At February 29th, the CCC, Concerned Citizens Council, can choose to roast a politician that is suspected to be dishonest and has lied when making promises at an election, the line to the roast is rather long. The roast is recorded and uploaded on the internet for everyone to see.

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    The Smaug Fire Day

    Each 11th year, in mid July, the citizens of the small rural town of Timber Creek build a huge replica of the famous lake town Esgaroth from the story about Bilbo, on a nearby lake. They all dress up in medieval clothing and armor, and then set fire to the town in memory of Smaug the dragon. 

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    No-Cyber Monday
    Once a year on the first Monday in May it all shuts down in rememberance of the past... No internet, cable, cell phones, computers or tablets - not even TV or Radio. When they get bored enough, Heather and her friend Marni visit Grandpa Ned, who lectures them about the value of things like musical instruments, art and books.

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    Keep On Trucking

    Truckee celebrates it s annual R. Crumb Trucking Festival each spring.  This year we find Mr. Natural and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers are leading the parade. 

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    Escher Day
    Citizens of Fauburg celebrate Esher Day on June 17th with a street fair and Esher-Bot Serentipity Walk.

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    Audubon's Birthday

    The city of Bolsa Chica celebrates Aububons Birthday every year on April 26 by handing the keys to the city over to the birds.  For that day all birds have the right of way over pedestrians.  Galactic Eco Tours makes a point of bringing a tour group through on that date each year.  Surprisingly not all eco tourists are there to appreciate the birds and to add to their life lists.  Some are there only for the shopping at the local friendship store and think that Audubon is for the birds.

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    Pedestrian crossing funny walk week

    The first Wednesday after the second full moon after Easter marks the beginning of the Pedestrian crossing funny walk week. During that walk, pedestrians are required to walk funny when crossing a street on a pedestrian crossing. Failing to obey means a hefty fine for breaking traffic laws. The police uses drones for surveillance to ensure citizens obey.

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    National Raygun Day Celebration!!

    Kyle, Shandra, and Kecia celebrated with dancing and telling everyone about how National Raygun Day came to be. As it started in acient times when they used to use this raygun first. Shandra spoke up and said "Since then they used this Raygun." as she rasied it high up for all to see. Kecia just giggled and danced around because she knew exactly why Raygun Day Came to be.

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    Unofficial First Contact Day (Part Two)
    Xarxians were the first aliens to visit the warrior women of the remote Misandronian Isles. Bearing mind-altering substances for a jovial First Contact Day clelebration, the Xarxians were coldly turned away. Some research was done and the Xarxians returned the following year with elixirs to strengthen mind and body. As the Misandronians greatly valued self-control and strength, they decided to tolerate the aliens for their gifts. It would be many years before the Xarxians learned that males were not well-received among the Misandronians. Thereafter, having gender fluidity, they always swiched to their female form when visiting. Things became more comfortable.

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    Title: Slain Dragon Memorial Day

    Every year, citizens of The Kingdom of Drizzlesplat gather near the bones of slain dragons (which are much too heavy to move and therefore make lovely memorial sites.) The holiday was formerly known as "Thank The Gods, They're Dead Day," but in the wake of dragon near-extinction, the title was changed.  Alas, the day is now generally one of controversy and unrest.  Damsels feel the holiday should be dedicated to their trauma -- after all, Kidnapping-By-Dragon isn't a victimless crime -- and former Dragon Slayers are still quite put-out with the environmentalists who completely reversed the intention of their celebration...

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    Title: Cosmological Death Match PPV Extravaganza

    In the wake of streaming video services, the only thing keeping cable companies alive is the semi-annual Cosmological Death Match -- ONLY available on Pay-Per-View.  While technically not a holiday, the event is so heavily-followed, companies often unilaterally give employees the day off.  People everywhere eagerly fork over their money to watch demigods, demons, angels, goddesses (and/or hybrids thereof) battle TO THE DEATH (or canonization or reincarnation or entry to Nirvana, as each religion allows.)

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    Everyone's a Critic

    King Louis was enthralled by American baseball, so he decided to declare the Seven Games of the World Series national holidays, and to have the final game take place in Versailles.  He casually mentioned to his Minister of Culture that he had a secret desire to experience a homer.  Being clueless about sports the minister booked the Royal Greek Ballet for a performance of Homer’s Odyssey instead of the final championship game.  And that is how King Louis came to be known as the King of Swat!

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    The Redneck Ballroom Banjo Day

    To avoid inbreeding among the southerners living in small isloated villages, Governor James S. Martess, decided that on the first Saturday in May, singels from small villages are picked up by busses and driven to other randomly selected village for a ballroom banjo redneck evening to practice in courtship.

  • Tag: Digital Lite Design #1

    National VR Take a Break from Life Day

    Anna took the day off from classes to spend time with her favorite VR elven stud, Justin.

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