Sacred Fire - a turn-based storytelling video game using DAZ

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First of all a big thank you to the vendors and artists of this community who made it possible for a solo developer like me to work on a character-driven game.


Sacred Fire is a turn-based psychological RPG about survival, power and the search for meaning, inspired by ancient Caledonia. Build your will to show courage in battle and cunning in the throne room. Rise through renown, blackmail, or loyalty and inspire others to crush Rome or to build a nation. Create a hero reflecting your beliefs and express your motives in the story. Use force, smarts, skills, looks or empathy to compete for power and to survive deadly battles.

You start on the run, with nothing but your wits and will. Can you avoid traps, spot lies and rise to lead a resistance? Can you hold on to your humanity?

The game will be available on Steam (PC, MAC & Linux).




Watch our teaser video 'Something More' on youtube here.




At its core, Sacred Fire is a choice & consequence narrative game focused on character development, tactical combat and relationships.

The core experience is divided into 2 phases:

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For as long as you can remember, Rome waged war on your people. Untamed and unbroken, like the mountains, you stand. Unable to conquer the North, Rome build a monumental wall. But walls do not bring peace and your own people live only for vengeance.

Can you show them a stronger vision? Or will you lead them to crush Rome? The time to chose has come, as Rome crossed the wall in full force. You are on the run, and your only hope is to reach Dunadd, a seat of power, and warn the tribes.

Can you survive? Can you save those close to you? Can you cling to the hope for a better world? Beyond survival, beyond revenge, your true fight begins.





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We would LOVE to hear what you, beautiful creatures of the internet, think about the idea, the art and the story in Sacred Fire. What you like, what you don’t like, how you would make it better! We are already in touch and listening to ideas from other developers and fans of the genre.

Join in on the discussion, we miss you voice! This is a passion project, so every single fan is appreciated. Every like, retweet and follow helps! To make it feel as special for you too, we invite you to join our Firestarters Guild - subscribe to our newsletter and be the first in line for the Early Bird discounts when we launch our Kickstarter.


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    This looks very very interesting!  I will be checking it out, sounds awesome!

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    The teaser video looks good.  Gave a good hint of the gameplay  and the voiceover actor exhibited talent.  I like the idea of focusing on the psychological choices  and not just brawn in the quest to achieve the hero's goal.   Will also keep an eye out on this and watch how it progeresses.  Putting this all together will be an epic task in itself. 

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    Thank you for your kind words! It's truly exciting to see people appreciate the thought and effort we put into rethinking role-playing in games.

    We are currently working on a new video showing clearly how the game is played, it will be ready in 2 weeks. It shows also how politics and relationship management impact the difficulty of a rescue mission and how your survival is the quesion of cunning and willpower.

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    I love RPG's and am excited to see something that will actually involve some serious thought!   Hack and slash and dungeon crawls are a ton of fun but its nice to see something that will require a bit more.

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