marquis select, etc, re-assigning polys between shading domains?

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can't find answers in the carrara online manual.

marquis select, only works starting outside the model?
dunno if going crazy.  trying to marquis select center area of my model,
no matter how hard i mash ctrl-key, it moves what i'm clicking on top of

no matter how much i mash down ctrl key, i can't deselect an edge.
if i ctrl-key marquis a single vert, it will deselect, but this method not deselecting an edge.  
i made sure selection mode - edge was highligted in the right pane.

i can't find an edge cut, or unweld, split, divide, loop cut.  
i've selected a line of edges across my model, 
is there a way to divide one object into 2 pieces?
can't find how to do this in the carrara online manual.

omg having a really hard time today, so frustrated.  I'm on the 85.119 build, 64-bit

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    there are a couple of other tools to select areas,.

    you can use the Lasso select,. or the Paint select,.

    With Lasso,. you can draw an area to select,.

    with Paint select,. you use a brush to select an area,.

    Once you have selected an area you want to work on,. . you can name it,. Selection / Name / Polygons.

    which makes it easier to select again


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    What 3DAGE said.

    Also, keep in mind that the Marquee and Lasso selection tools will work from within an object’s boundaries as long as the cursor is not touching the same type of item as chosen in the “Selection Mode” option when you start to draw the Marquee or Lasso. If you try to select polygons from within an object’s boundaries you would need to start in an empty space.

    The only way I know to divide an object is to select all of the polygons that you want to separate and choose “Copy”. Then, with the polygons still selected choose “Delete”. Then choose “Paste”. The original polygons will be pasted back into their original position as a separate polymesh.

    Don’t know why you’re having trouble deselecting edges. Control-click on Windows, or Command-click on Mac OS should work. Also Shift-click should toggle from selected to unselected and vice versa.


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    tried rebooting, was unable to deselect an edge.  deselecting an edge a necessary skill i'se must master  


    delete an paste simple solution ! brilliant!

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    To get around that problem I use a few different methods. First I try viewing in Wireframe mode which works for simple models. If that fails to do the trick I'll select portions of the object I'm not working on and Hide them by selecting ones not being worked on and use - View/Hide Selection. Extremely easy if you have named the polygons to Hide them or later select only them.

    Lucky for me 3DAGE and de3an have pointed out that not using the universal selection method works also... I have used the paint brush selection method also.

    I switch views, directors camera to left/right etc as well as rotating the view in directors camera view to help select even more polys.

    When I accidentally select one I didn't mean to holding Shift down and selecting the offender works for me using Windows OS.

    Don't be mashing down the ctrl key... you'll wear the poor little key out. :)

    Your problem has been added to Modeling Objects in Carrara - Q&A - Come One and All

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    you use the SHIFT key to deselect?   i thought SHIFT was for multi-select.  hmmm ...

    sigh ... nope,   mebbe my model is corrupted?  
    when loop, betw, or ring doesn't work properly, prolly means model is hosed?


    ahhzoo, SHIFT key worked!!  Thanks!
    i started the whole model over from the beginning. step by step. lucky have lotsa notes and screenshots  lol 


    y''know, sometimes the manipulator tool on screen is in the way when trying to deselect. Too close don't always realize it's there.

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    thought i had to type the name i wanted in the lil box, Add. then say yes when it says add to currently selected.
    but, that's not what is happening.
    When i select by shader domain, it's giving me the inverted of what i thought was Added to shader domain i just created.

    How do you rename a shader domain?  (i see how to rename a shader, can't find rename shader domain)
    Is there a way to add a named range of faces to an already set shader domain?

    not giving up!  need to hobble up to starbucks for a fresh latte

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    oh, okay.  figured out the naming box is not connected to the ADD button.

    just highlight the name, thenn type in the lil box

    adding polys to the shading domains must be just as simple?

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    okay, learning by trial and error.

    looping like this works


    looping like this not works as expected.



    can **name selection, for the successful loops
    make a second named selection for that other row i want,
    then Selection, by name, polys - for both.


    **on a side note, opening that naming box, cursor doesn't automatically go there, havta remember to click in the box before typing.

    oh, okay  duh
    highlight the polys you want to assign to shader domain,
    click Add, it adds a default name like texture2,
    it prompts if you want to add selection to new domain,
    and THENNNN rename the 'texture2',etc

    testing the shader domain is covering the polys as wanted via - Selection, name, shader domain



    ??still not sure how to move a poly to a shader domain after the fact.

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    Hi Misty,.

    Select some polygons,. then go to the "model" tab on the right,. 

    the "shading domain" section should have a button which tells you what shading domain you have selected,.

    If you've selected polygons which are in several different domains,. it'll say "Multiple domains".

    you can select polygons,. then click the shading domain button, to drop down a list of all other shading domains on your model,.

    then simply select one of those existing domains to add the selected polygons to that domain.



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    oh woww, that easy peasy?


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