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Ryan Bosworth began his directing career after launching Blissium, a post-production/VFX shop, in Los Angeles, California. He has worked as director/creative director for such brands as Warner Brothers, L’Oreal, Verizon, and Hasbro. Ryan transitioned into commercial directing with promos for “Dancing with the Stars” and Project Runway.” Later, he won two PromaxBDA awards for his work on "Project Runway” promos, and was featured on MTV, VH1 and Much Music for his music video directing. For “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” Ryan created and executed the look of aged film distress for more than 12 minutes of the movie. His short films have been official selections of the Berlin International Film Festival, the Zero Film Festival, the Burbank International Film Festival, and the LA Film and Music Festival. His short horror film, “M is for Mother,” was chosen for ABCs of Death, and he directed three episodes of the Horror Haiku series. Ryan is the director half of a writer director team with author and screenwriter, Jennifer Bosworth. He divides his time between Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.


DAZ Studio, Adobe® Photoshop


Genesis, Genesis 2, Michael 4, DAZ Studio


Gauntlet - Key Art Design

“Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment hired me and my team to create and execute the reboot of the Gauntlet brand. The game consists of four characters: Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, and Elf. The challenge was tocreate a modern take on the original, classic Key Art. The creative brief was to connect the Gauntlet brand with new gamers, and long time nostalgic fans. Deadlines loomed, and keeping up with the client’s request to modify the 3D sculpted characters became urgent. DAZ provided the solution, and making adjustments to the characters became efficient and client-friendly. We were able to give WB multiple iterations within hours of change requests, an impossible task otherwise. The key art delivered on time and Gauntlet went on to become a top-seller on Steam, and was met with warm reception from the fans. Gauntlet’s art adorned the pillars of E3 2014, as well as appeared on food trucks, banners, and was showcased in the WBIE booth.”

Commercial Previs

“Daz 3D is a crucial part of pre-production for directing TV commercials. Creating spot-specific characters, props, wardrobe and environments would be daunting without the use of Daz and it’s affordable content, especially in the pitch phase. Previsualizing with Daz helps me to communicate my vision with precise clarity. Daz allows me to work creatively like a painter with digital assets as my tools.”

Feature Film

“Recently I pitched my first feature film. Selling a script before it’s made requires strong visuals to capture the mood and scope of the film. With Daz, I’ve been able to create each character and place him or her in sets I’ve designed. The assets I created became a tool for investors to see, rather than imagine the film. Now that I have created the characters, the assets have become useful throughout many aspects of the pre-production workflow; storyboarding, wardrobe development, concept art, and previs, to name a few. It’s a powerful secret weapon for any filmmaker. Daz has become a vital part of my directing process. Our film has been green lit and is slated to shoot in 2016.”