Persian Army Action

Persian Army Action

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    • $11.95
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    DAZ Studio 4.12
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    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio 4.12
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    The Persians are coming! The Persians are coming!

    This is set of combat poses for Xerxes' or Darius' Persian Army. Persian Army Action is the adversary of the Greek Hoplite sets. There are poses for archers, axmen, spearmen, swordsmen and the king.

    The Persian poses were designed with the Michael 3 3D model morph for Genesis applied. The Persian uniforms and gear at DAZ by Lourdes and Malis are the best and most diverse of their kind available. The three Greek sets and one Persian Army set work well with the M3 Genesis figure. They are ideal for creating scenes from the Persian Wars and Greek City State Wars, all the way to the conquests of Alexander.

    Archers are easily assembled into ranks for volley shooting and spearmen can also be put into formations. Send the axmen and swordsmen against the Phalanx or individual Hoplites.

    There are 12 poses for archers, three for axmen, nine for spearmen, three for swordsmen and three for the Persian King. Included are three Loader Poses and six hand poses to facilitate the switching of weapons among poses. 39 poses in all are included.

    Dial up a Genesis character and add any clothing or armor set supported by the DS Auto-Fit Tool. This tool will also accommodate fits to some mixing of Genesis character features.

    All Genesis-specific outfits work flawlessly with the poses. A good variety of M3/4 and V3/4 outfits work well with the poses.

    See ReadMe-PersianArmyAction.txt and Persian Army Action-Props.pdf in the ReadMe folder for raising an army and for fitting weapons as smart props. Once set, the props will follow all actions in the sets.

    What's Included and Features

    • 33 Persian Army Action: (.DUF)
      • Persian Axe Loader
      • Persian Spear-Shield Loader
      • Persian Sword Loader
      • Persian Archer Advancing
      • Persian Archer Kneeling
      • Persian Archer Loading
      • Persian Archer Resting
      • Persian Archer Running
      • Persian Archer Standing
      • Persian Archer Volley 1
      • Persian Archer Volley 2
      • Persian Archer Volley 3
      • Persian Archer Volley 4
      • Persian Archer Volley 5
      • Persian Archer Waiting
      • Persian Axeman Advancing
      • Persian Axeman Attacking
      • Persian Axeman Chopping
      • Persian Down
      • Persian Skewered
      • Persian Spear Thrower
      • Persian Spearman Advancing
      • Persian Spearman Charging
      • Persian Struck
      • Persian Surrendering
      • Persian Sword Advancing
      • Persian Sword Attacking
      • Persian Sword En Garde
      • Persian Waiting 1
      • Persian Waiting 2
      • Xerxes Directing
      • Xerxes Pondering
      • Xerxes Ranting
    • 06 Persian Soldier Hands: (.DUF)
      • Persian Axe Right Hand
      • Persian Bow Left Hand Grip
      • Persian Bow Right Hand Draw
      • Persian Shield Grip Left Hand
      • Persian Spear Grip Right Hand
      • Persian Sword Grip Right Hand


    • This product includes:
      • 1 DSON Core Installer

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