Complex Hair Creation Tutorials Bundle

Complex Hair Creation Tutorials Bundle

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    • $75.95
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    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.12
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    Compatible Figures: N/A
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.12
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    Have you wanted to create attractive hair for Daz Studio, but got stuck on knowing where to start and how to handle a project such as this?

    Arki (Kim Schneider) breaks down this project in detail, simplifies the approach and takes you through the steps in this three part tutorial. This was originally broadcast as a series of live webinars to a class that followed along with her techniques and created their own hair sets.

    Requirements: Familiarity with Hexagon for modelling/rigging techniques, basic familiarity with ZBrush for creating a morph, Photoshop for texturing.

    Video length for each part: approx 2 hours- 6 hours in total for this tutorial bundle.

    Tutorial videos includes indexing so you can click and jump to different topics with ease.

    Easy Hair Creation: Using rough shapes to refined strand groups

    How to create hair can be broken down into a couple of small and simple steps: first you create your rough shape, then you work it down to the smallest element in your creation. I will only use basic modelling tools to achieve our goal, so this does not require complex background skill of your modelling software.

    Arranging the Coiffure: Create a modular and flexible hair style

    Interesting hair styles can do a couple of things - namely change looks. Open and down, done up and twisted, braided, slicked back - you name it.
    Only your imagination is the limit, and in this class I will demonstrate how to create interesting pieces for a base wig to combine for a variety of different looks and styles.

    Accessories for a Wig: Create elements of varying complexity as base for jewellery, etc

    Ideally, you accessories (be it jewellery or other trinkets) complement your hair style. But what to create, and how to find that "matching recipe"?
    This element of the class will show methods how to find a balance in design - and how to carry over that initial idea into 3D.

    Instancing for Details: Working with repetitive pre-mapped elements

    Most accessories repeat one or several basic elements over and over. Instancing can open a world of possibilities for you - using pre-mapped objects with all material zones already assigned will save you hours of work and will help you complete your project a lot faster!

    Session 1

    From Rough to Fine - Hair modelling with basic tools:

    1 - Skullcap
    * How to model a skullcap from a sphere shape
    2 - Base shapes from extracted curves; for the base rough shape of the hair style
    * Using curves and extracted polygon rows to create the base shape of your hair style
    3 - Map these base shapes with rectangular maps
    * Map your base hair shape with clean rectangular maps
    4 - From rough shape to finest strands
    * Cutting, copying & pasting and refining to add detail depth to the hair model
    * These techniques will be used not only on the base hair model, but also on the accessories
    5 - Use the same techniques to model the hair jewellery base shapes
    * Modeling, premapping and assigning material zones

    Session 2

    Hair Rigging for all Situations - Plain and simple or advanced options:

    1 - Quick rigging of the hairbase
    * Using Daz Studio's Transfer utility to rig and autofit the base hair model
    2 - Rig the ponytail, optional with multiple segments
    * Advanced rigging for the accessories
    3 - Create one morph as example for morph creation
    * Using Hexagon or ZBrush to create a simple morph (for example to fit the jewelry over the base hair)

    Session 3

    Dying the Strands - Breathing life into your hair model:

    1 - Hox to select the appropriate texture photos for skullcap and hair strips
    * The different texture maps needed for the skull cap and the hair strands - and how to find them
    2 - Texturing in Photoshop
    * Working with the base photo reference material to create the hair texture
    3 - Base material setup in Daz Studio
    * A very quick walk-through how to create Iray hair materials

    About the Presenter : Kim Schneider (Arki)

    Kim attended the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Design and Illustration.

    Over the years Kim has done work in the role-playing game industry applying her illustration skills for RPG games such as Engel for Feder & Schwert, Redaktion Phantastik, and the Pegasus Spiele game—Call of Cthulhu.

    Her journey into 3D Digital Art began in 2000 with Poser (yes fourteen years of Poser experience!), then Poser Pro and started vending Poser content in 2006. She's since been now hard at work at creating content for Daz Studio.

    She delves into other packages occasionally including Photoshop, Quixel, ZBrush, Hexagon, UV Mapper Pro and UV Layout in her workflow.

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