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Viking Pack for Michael

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Get ready for Ragnarok! Are you afraid of the Fenris Wolf? Dreading the thought of ending up in Hel? You can now create a small band, or "lid", of Norse Heroes ranging from an old, battered "jarl" to a scurvy longship raider....and From a wealthy (Eastern) Rus Viking to a sturdy "hersir". But that's not all - for the Fantasy lovers, with the aid of a pair of horns, you can transform them to a more RPG Northern Barbarian Fighter.

They will prove to be master sailors, fierce fighters and greedy looters all by the blessings of Odin. For your wildest scenes we have a couple of mouth-foaming, shield-splitting, skull-crashing berserkers! And rest assured that if they die nobly in battle, there will be a Valkyrie to guide them to Valhalla!

Additional Information

The Mac installer for this product is OS 9 and will not work in OSX. There is currently no OSX version of the Mac Installer for this product.

Compatible 3D Figures Michael 2 & 1
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 3 Conforming Figures
    • Layered Sleeve Tunic
      • Multiple Materials with 5 Options
      • Long Fitted Sleeves
      • Short Loose Sleeves
      • Sleeveless
      • Topless
      • Waistlength
    • Pants
      • Straps & Shoes
      • Separate Materials to Turn Off the Straps, Pants or Shoes
    • Fur Lined Boots for the Heavy Norse Winters
  • 20 Props
    • Viking Long Sword - Smart Propped to Left and Right Hand
    • Scabbard - Smart Propped to Hip and Back of Baldric
    • Tied Belt Smart Prop
    • Pouch - Smart Propped to the Belt
    • KnifeSheath - Smart Propped to the Belt
    • Knife - Smart Propped to Left and Right Hand
    • Horns - Smart Propped to the SkullCap Helmet
    • Standard Viking Skullcap Helmet Smart Prop
    • Blow Horns - Smart Propped to Left and Right Hand
    • Viking Raider's Masked Helmet Smart Prop
    • Exotic Eastern Masked Helmet with Chainmail Reinforcement Smart Prop
    • Baldric Smart Prop
    • Axe Ring - Smart Propped to the Belt
    • Axe - Smart Propped to Left and Right Hand
    • Berserker Bracers - Smart Propped to Left and Right Forearm
    • Rune Ornated Spear Smart Prop
    • Viking Round Shield Smart Prop
  • 56 Highly Detailed Textures
    • 6 Sets for Pants 1
    • 2 Sets for Shoes and Straps
    • 2 Sets for Fur-lined Boots
    • 6 Sets for Pants 2
    • 7 Sets for the Round Shield
    • 8 Sets for the Tunic
  • 39 MAT Pose Files
    • Easy Texture Application
    • Turn Off Different Materials to Achieve a variety of Looks
  • Morphs to fit Michael 2's Muscular 1-4 and the Highly Requested 'Stout' Morph
Resource Files

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