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Victoria Reading Morphs & Poses

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The flesh is weak-which is why you find here a set of 53(!) subtle morphs for hands, buttocks, thighs and shins, that all simulate the soft "giving-way" of flesh-for instance: the fingertips deform when holding an object, while the form of the hand also slightly alters; the thigh dents when an object rests on it; musculature changes when sitting down, etcetera. Also included are 8 new morphs for the cushion in the 1800's Chair, and a total of 38 Poses for Victoria sitting down, Victoria holding or reading a book, poses for the deformation of the cushion she is sitting down upon; and poses for the book she is reading.
Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 2 & 1
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 53 new morphs, partly morph controlled morphs (code included):
    Morphs made in 3D Studio Max, No Magnet Origin!
    • 1 Morph for Right Shoulder
    • 19 Morphs for Right Hand & Fingers
    • 13 morphs for left Hand & fingers
    • 1 Morph for Right Buttock, 1 for Left Buttock
    • 6 Morphs for Right Thigh
    • 9 Morphs for Left Thigh
    • 1 Morph for Right Shin, 2 for Left Shin
  • 38 Poses
    • 8 Sitting Poses for Victoria
    • 6 Corresponding Poses for the Book
    • 7 Interchangeable Arm and Hand Poses
    • 8 Interchangeable Leg Poses
    • 9 corresponding Poses for the 1800's Chair's Cushion
  • 11 Face Poses
  • 13 Hand Poses

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