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Modeling the Human Head

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The Human head is one of the most complex organic structures you can make in 3D.

In order to help you fully understand this process, I'm going to show you in more depth the things that's helped me to better grasp the form of the human head.

During over 6 hours of training we use very few tools to get the head built in 3D, while not compromising on quality results.

First we are going to learn about the skulls forms, and how it relates to what you see superficially everyday. Then we are going to look at the major muscles of the face, so we can understand what muscles are responsible for the many expressions of the human face.

From here we look at every aspect, detail, and angle with on screen aids to help you focus on what area of the screen I'm looking at, while moving through each chapter.

Included is a 28 minute video tutorial getting you acquainted with all the major tools we will be using through out the 18 chapters.

Note: This tutorial does not go through the texturing/rendering stages.

Intro: HD Version

Additional Information
  • Due to the file size of the whole tutorial, the product is not packaged in the usual DAZ installers, but is broken into zip parts. Place all of the zip parts into a directory and unzip the first one with the .zip extension. This will cause all of the files to unzip sequentially.
  • File .Z01 downloads as a .ZIP on some systems. If this happens on your system, rename the file to .Z01 before downloading the master .ZIP file or these files may overwrite each other.
  • Files .Z01 - .Z22 should be about 100MBs each, 13053_ModelingtheHumanHead.zip should be about 47 MBs.
  • PC users not using Windows 7 require a video codec to be installed for menu video playback.
  • Minimum System Requirements
    • PC running XP/Vista/Windows7 or MAC OS X 10.3 or higher
    • 2.0 GHz processor or higher
    • 1GB of system memory or higher
    • Video card with at least 128MB of memory and 1280x800 screen resolution
      • Video playback can be re-sized to fit smaller screen resolutions when using most PC/Mac .mov players to play the videos.
    • Audio output
    • Internet access to download player codec (if necessary)
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software N/A
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Video features
    • Easy to follow instructions using simple methods.
    • HD 720 resolutions (1280 x 720)
    • On screen directions such as arrows, highlights, and a eye icon
    • Over 6 hours of video training
    • 18 chapters
  • Menu System (PC)
    • Stylish menu system with easy to navigate features to access all resources and training
    • Instructional video for the menu usage.
    • Full menu integrated video playback, without loss of screen space due to menu features or borders.
    • (Quick Menu) feature incorporating easy chapter selection via a pop out menu, no video screen space wasted.
    • Video playback support with instructions on how to install codecs and where to download them.
    • Integrated web browser for direct link for codec downloading, plus easy one click access to photo reference resources.
    • Dedicated button for Hexagon Quick Start video, covering all often used tools throughout the video training.
  • Menu System (Mac)
    • Stylish html based menu system with easy to navigate features to access all resources and training.
    • Instructional video for the menu usage.
    • Instructional video for video and other resource locations.

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